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A List of Fermilab Presentations at the Victoria Conference


  1. Silicon detector design study: Harry Weerts, Michigan State University/Fermilab
  2. LCD Muon/PID News; Prototype Plane Development: Gene Fisk, Fermilab
  3. Fiber Optics R&D: Gene Fisk, Fermilab, for University of Notre Dame
  4. Muon ID in Jets: Caroline Milstene, Fermilab
  5. Muon update: Gene Fisk - Fermilab
  6. Fermilab MTBF status: Craig Moore, Fermilab
  7. Discussion on FNAL's LC TB support , Harry Weerts , MSU/Fermilab
  8. Thoughts on Disk and Barrel Silicon Tracker Geometry: Peter Cooper, Marcel Demarteau, Michael Hrycyk, Fermilab


  1. NNLO Corrections to the Effective Weak Mixing Angle: Ayres Freitas, Fermilab
  2. Prospects for Measuring the Top Width: Aurelio Juste, Fermilab


  1. Fourier Engineering: Progress on Alternative TESLA Kickers,:George Gollin, University of Illinois/Fermilab
  2. Stability Issues of the FNAL Design Damping Rings, K.Y. Ng, Fermilab
  3. Copper accelerator: Harry Carter, Fermilab
  4. Large System Test: Shekhar Mishra, Fermilab
  5. Larger System Test: Harry Carter, Fermilab
  6. LET Simulation: Nikolay Solyak, Fermilab and Kirti Ranjan, Fermilab/Delhi University

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