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William Ashmanskas, Ph.D.

Dr. William Ashmanskas
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Dr. William Ashmanskas is a scientist at Fermilab, which is home to the Tevatron -- an energy-frontier particle accelerator in which protons and antiprotons collide to produce under laboratory conditions the elementary particles that are the building blocks of the universe. Two experiments, CDF and D0, with world-wide teams of nearly 1000 researchers, study the particles produced by the Tevatron.

He has worked with CDF since his college years. As a postdoc, he worked on the Silicon Vertex Trigger project, which provides 50 micron impact-parameter measurements with 15 microsecond latency. SVT allowed CDF to record bottom and charm decays based on lifetime, enabling each of the first three Run 2 Tevatron physics publications. He led two SVT circuit board designs, several software efforts, and SVT's commissioning and initial operation. While working with the SVT team, he learned a wealth of digital electronics techniques from the engineers at the University of Chicago.

He moved to Fermilab to apply the electronics he learned as a postdoc to accelerator instrumentation problems. Continued evolution in the tools used to observe and to control particle beams will contribute to further progress in the performance and reliability of Fermilab's accelerators. He is currently working primarily on Fermilab's Antiproton Source -- whose performance in the next few years will be a key factor in the scientific reach of the Tevatron physics program.

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