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Last piece of CMS detector lowered underground: photos

Watch the video of the final descent:

Click on links below images for medium and high-resolution jpeg images. When using these images, please credit each photo as indicated.

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Scientists first constructed and tested the CMS detector in an above-ground assembly building. Image courtesy of Michael Hoch, Adventure Art.

CMS scientists position the final piece of the detector above the shaft and begin to lower it into the underground collision hall, 300 feet below. Image courtesy of CERN.

Going down! Collaboration members watch the last piece of the detector go underground. Image courtesy of CERN.

This final piece weighs 1,430 tons and measures roughly 45 feet in diameter. Image courtesy of Michael Hoch, Adventure Art.

Touch down. Now that the final piece is underground, final commissioning will begin on the CMS detector. Image courtesy of CERN.

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