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Thirty-Three Fermilab Employees Receive Employee Performance Recognition Awards

EPRA Group On April 14, thirty-three employees received Employee Performance Recognition Awards. Following a luncheon at Chez Leon, Fermilab Director Michael Witherell handed out the awards. "These awards recognize the fact that people do things that make a big difference," Witherell said. "These are the people who make the lab run."

The incoming Fermilab director, Pier Oddone, also attended the luncheon. With slightly less than two and a half months left to Witherell's term as the current Fermilab director, he concluded the ceremony with some parting remarks. "This will be the last time I will have the opportunity to hand out these awards," he said. "Fermilab's greatest legacy is the quality and the commitment of the people who work here. Thank you very much for everything you have done."

The following employees received awards:
Stan Orr and Bob Ducar Stan Orr and Bob Ducar for their outstanding service to the Fermilab Safety Program. As two of the lab's leading electrical engineers, both Orr and Ducar were leaders in implementing Fermilab's Electrical Safety Month in May 2004. Their professionalism and dedication helped make Fermilab a safer place to work.
Peter Kasper Peter Kasper for his outstanding work with the Fermilab Ecological Land Management Committee. Kasper performed outstanding service to the lab and the surrounding community to bring the joys of birding to many people. He also took on the task of designing and streamlining the ELM Web pages, making them useful and popular with the committee and the public.
Kent Collins Kent Collins for his persistence and attention to detail, which saved the lab $25,794 in sanitary charges over the period of April to June 2004. This resulted in ongoing savings of approximately $7,000 per month ($84,000 a year) in sanitary costs. Collins held several meetings with the City of Batavia Public Works Department, which resulted in their agreement to adjust past invoices with a credit to future invoices.
Fred Ullrich, Jim Schultz and Al Johnson Fred Ullrich, Jim Schultz and Al Johnson for providing a unique and valued video-streaming service to the Fermilab Community. Over 1,030 talks have been recorded, processed and posted to audiences worldwide using the web. Providing this access to lectures and talks is an important outreach service to our community.
Computing Division Recipients Lothar Bauerdick for his excellent establishment and execution of the US CMS Software and Computing Organization.

Don Petravick for exceptional performance taking on the responsibility of a large department and new challenges in networking.

Dane Skow for exceptional service to the lab in Computer Security.

Accelerator Division Recipients Jerry Liebfritz for outstanding leadership and effort to construct the MI-31 electron cooling building.

Kiyomi Seiya for her key role in developing and commissioning slip stacking in the Main Injector.

John Reid for his role in designing, building, installing, and commissioning the high level beam loading compensation for slip stacking.

Valeri Lebedev for his work in Tevatron Optics.

Brian Chase for inventing the idea of Dual Source operations from the Accumulator and the Recycler.

Bill Foster for outstanding and innovative work in designing, installing and commissioning the Main Injector Dampers.

Bill Ashmanskas for outstanding contributions to the design, installation and commissioning of the Main Injector Dampers.

Dean Still for contributions to Tevatron operations. Still was instrumental in investigating and fixing several major problems in the Tevatron during the past year.

Particle Physics Division Recipients Doug Glenzinski for being the driving force behind the development of a LASER system that was used to unblock CDF's epoxy filled water-cooling lines on the ISL silicon detector.

Gaston Gutierrez for major contributions to DZero over the last several years, both in detector support and in physics analysis.

Karen Kephart for playing a crucial role in managing the reshuffling of technicians from the Particle Physics Division to the Accelerator Division for shutdown work.

John Voirin for leading the crew that performed the very successful installation of the MINOS near detector.

Michael Wang for his work over the last two years that led to a change in the baseline architecture for the BTeV Level-1 trigger.

Cythia Sazama for her continuous support and management of the Fermilab Conference Office.

Techhical Division Recipients Pierre Bauer, Mike Martens and George Valev for their leadership in the joint Accelerator/Technical Division studies of Tevatron magnet persisten current effects.

Ivan Gonin, Timergali Khabiboulline, Gennady Romanov for their contributions to Linear Collider development.

Harry Carter, David Finley and Tug Arkan for their contributions and leadership in the Linear Collider development.

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