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URA Announcement of Fermilab Director Search Committee

We wish to announce today the formation of the URA Search Committee for the next Fermilab Director. The new Director would succeed Michael Witherell, who announced last fall that he will step down on June 30, 2005, after concluding six years of service as Director.

We are especially pleased that Neal Lane, University Professor at Rice University, has agreed to chair the Search Committee. Dr. Lane was Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and prior to that, Director of the National Science Foundation in the previous Administration in Washington.

The membership of the Search Committee, as approved by the Fermilab Board of Overseers, includes individuals from the high energy physics, astrophysics, information technology, and management sectors. The eighteen-member Committee also includes six Fermilab scientific staff members. The Committee will be asked to report its recommendations to the Fermilab Board of Overseers by September 2004. A link to information about the Director Search will soon be set up on the Fermilab website.

The list of Search Committee members follows, with the possibility of one or two additional members yet to be confirmed.

Neal Lane, (Search Committee Chair), Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University
Keith Baker, Department of Physics, Hampton University
Franco Bedeschi, INFN Sezione di Pisa
Steven Beering, URA Trustee and President Emeritus, Purdue University; National Science Board Member
Mark Bregman, Executive Vice President, Veritas; Fermilab Board of Overseers
Alex Chao, Technical Division, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Roger Dixon, Accelerator Division, Fermilab
Sandra Faber, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California, Santa Cruz; Fermilab Board of Overseers
Bob Kephart, Technical Division, Fermilab
Young-Kee Kim, Department of Physics, University of Chicago
Rocky Kolb, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago; NASA/Fermilab Astrophysics Group, Fermilab
Takahiko Kondo, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK
Joe Lykken, Theoretical Physics Group, Fermilab
Patricia McBride, Computing Division, Fermilab
Frank Sciulli, Department of Physics, Columbia University; Fermilab Board of Overseers
Chris White, Physics Division, Illinois Institute of Technology, Past Chair, Fermilab Users Executive Committee
Stanley Wojcicki, Department of Physics, Stanford University
John Womersley, Particle Physics Division, Fermilab

We look forward to concluding a successful search with the help of Dr. Lane and his Committee.

Fred Bernthal
President, Universities Research Association

Don Hartill
Chair, Fermilab Board of Overseers

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