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Friday September 17


    A0 Vacuum Upgrade - 60%

    D17 Separator Installation - 50%

      The separators have been installed and aligned. The next part of this job is the bake out and conditioning.

    D4 Spool Replacement - 69%

    E4 Vacuum Work - 40%

    Level Run - 80% complete (During a level run an alignment crew checks all the magnets positions relative to survey monuments.)

    IPM and Crystal Collimator Installation - 15%

    Shimming Dipoles - 40% complete

    Kaiser Coil Measurements - 90% complete (A Kaiser coil measurement checks to see if the cryo magnet's coil has twisted or shifted in any way.)

    Mark Survey Monuments - 40%

    Magnet Stand Replacement -This job has been canceled

Antiproton Source

    Debuncher Injection Area Beampipe and Quadrupole (Quad) replacement - the rebuild of this area has begun
      Debuncher Motorized Quads Installation - ~30% complete

    ARF1-1 Installation - ~75 complete

    AP30 SO Cord Remediation - ~100% complete (Power up should start on Friday, 9/17/04).

    Other Work - Target Station, Alignment, Stochastic Cooling, Cryo, LCW, LLRF - all work on track

Recycler/Main Injector

      Q307-309 - Not started
      Q303-305 - ~90% complete
      Correction Magnet Replacement - 40% complete


      Cooling Tank Repairs - 45% complete


      Correction Magnet Replacement - 40% complete
      Vacuum Modification 601-609 - 100% complete


      Flying Wire Installation - ~85% complete

    Shielding Installation - Not started

Main Injector

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