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Monday August 9
The day shift began with Tevatron (Tev) store #3717 colliding, stacking, and with beam to MiniBoone and Switchyard 120.

At 5:26 PM the Antiproton Source (Pbar) stopped stacking and went to reverse protons for studies, this lasted ~ 5 hours.

Tuesday August 10
The Midnight shift began with Store #3717 colliding, stacking, and with beam to MiniBoone, MCenter, and MTest.

At 6:06 AM the Main Injector (MI) power supply loop dropped out. The problem was traced to MI20 and experts were called to investigate.

At 10:33 AM the Pbar stack was lost when QDF went to 0 current.

After repairs to the MI-20 power supply, the MI was back on at 10:42 AM.

Store #3717 was terminated at 12:10 PM.

Repairs to QDF were completed by 2:58 PM and Pbar returned to stacking at 3:43 PM.

CDF made a controlled access at 4:00 PM, this lasted until 5:00 PM.

The Tevatron Department performed Tev studies all evening while waiting for Pbar to build a stack for the next shot setup.

Wednesday August 11
The Midnight shift began with Tev still in a study mode, stacking, and with beam to MiniBoone and Switchyard 120.

The Tev went into mixed mode shot setup at 4:15 AM, with store #3723 colliding at 6:59 AM with an initial average luminosity of 61.77 E30.

At 5:35 the Meson Low Conductivity Water (LCW) system at Service building MS2 tripped off causing power supplies in Meson to trip.

The MS2LCW system was returned to service at 7:10 AM after replacing an air compressor for the system.

Today's Plans
Continue to stack Pbars and maintain Tev store.

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