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Friday August 6
The day shift began with store #3711 being terminated at 9:00 AM, the Tevatron (Tev) was then prepared for access to look at D1 vacuum problems. Beam continues to Switchyard 120 and MiniBoone.

At 10:12 AM problems continue with the Debuncher kicker (D:EKIK), techs have decided to change it out.

At 1:00 PM Cryo techs completed the change out of a kautzky valve in the Tev. Cool down has started.

Debuncher kicker work was completed by 3:00 PM, we then returned to Anti Proton Source (Pbar) stacking.

The Tev was back on by 6:30 PM. Studies in the Tev have begun.

Tev shot setup began at 11:33 PM.

Saturday August 7
The Midnight shift began with the Tev in shot setup, and with beam to MiniBoone and Mtest.

At 3:20 AM Main Injector (MI) RF8 supply tripped off and continued to trip when reset. The supply was removed from the loop.

Store #3715 was colliding by 3:27 AM with an initial average luminosity of 59.77 E30.

At 3:31 AM Pbar returns to stacking.

At 11:31 PM we began experiencing controls problem in switchyard, the problem was traced to a bad crate power supply, supply was replaced.

Sunday August 8
The Midnight shift began with store #3715 colliding, stacking, and with beam to MiniBoone and switchyard.

At 6:54 AM there was a vacuum burst in the Booster, when vacuum remained bad experts were called in to investigate.

At 10:46 AM an access into Booster revealed a leaking interface.

Beam returned to Booster at 4:00 PM, after repair and vacuum pump down was complete.

Store #3715 was terminated at 5:58 PM.

Tevatron shot setup began at 6:13 PM, with store #3717 colliding at 8:47 PM with an initial average luminosity of 76.92 E30

Pbar stacking and beam to MCenter and MTest has resumed.

Monday August 9
The Midnight shift began with store #3717 colliding, stacking, and with beam to MiniBoone, and switchyard 120.

At 1:13 AM we began shot setup to the Recycler Ring, this was completed by 1:35 AM.

Stacking has resumed.

At 4:06 AM, Booster was running with 2 RF (BRF4 and BRF5) stations down.

Today's Plans
Continue Pbar stacking, with some Pbar studies this evening. Keep the current Tev store until tomorrow morning.

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