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Accelerator Update for November 29, 2004 - December 1, 2004

Monday November 29
The day shift began with Antiproton Source (Pbar) experts conducting reverse proton studies, with Tevatron (TeV) experts conducting proton injection studies, with technicians accessing the Meson tunnel MB7, and with Recycler experts preparing to establish beam.

At 10:19 AM Operations reported the following status:

Linac - Running
Booster - Running
Main Injector (MI) - Studies
Pbar - Studies
TeV - Studies
Recycler - Preparing for beam signoffs
MiniBooNE - Preparing for beam signoffs
At 11:08 AM Pbar experts sent reverse protons to the Debuncher.

Operations received permission to send beam to MiniBooNE at 11:41 AM.

Operators began preparing MI for an access at 1:06 PM

Operators prepared Pbar for access at 1:20 PM.

Experimenters at the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) reported that they were powering their solenoid at 1:30 PM.

TeV experts established circulating beam at 3:58 PM.

Recycler experts established circulating beam at 4:12 PM.

Tuesday November 30
The midnight shift began with the following machines conducting studies: Booster, MI, TeV, Pbar, and MiniBooNE.

Pbar experts accessed their beam line at 2:35 AM to reverse the polarity of a Septum (D:ISEPV).

At 5:19 PM, the TeV suffered a sector C4 quench due to D0Q2 tripping off.

Operations reported at 6:32 PM finding a Kautzky valve stuck open in TeV sector C4. Operators accessed the area to investigate, but couldn't fix the valve. Cryo system techs arrived and helped the operators repair the valve at 8:22 PM.

Recycler experts finished their studies at 9:09 PM.

Wednesday December 1
The midnight shift began with Pbar, TeV, Recycler, and MiniBooNE all conducting studies. Pbar stacked slowly.

TeV experts successfully ramped beam to 980 GeV at 6:03 AM.

Plans for Monday
The plan is to continue with beam startup.

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