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Monday January 12
The day shift began with store #3148 colliding, stacking in the Antiproton Source (Pbar), and with beam to MiniBoone.

Store # 3148 was terminated at 8:32 AM. Tevatron (Tev) studies are beginning.

At 9:52 AM cryo techs began replacing the D3 wet engine flywheel, the flywheel replacement was complete by 11:37 AM.

The Tev went into shot setup at 6:44 PM.

At 9:16 PM while initiating collisions the Tev quenched at A4, B1 and F4.

Pbar returned to stacking and quench investigation is underway.

At 11:41 PM the Tev is ramping once again.

Tuesday January 13
At 2:05 AM the RAW water system tripped off the MiniBoone horn. Miniboone will remain off to begin a 4 hour cooldown period followed by an access into M12 in the morning.

At 2:52 AM Booster power supply B:MH2 quit outputting current. Experts were called in to replace the SCR firing unit. The supply was back on by 4:54 AM.

At 7:47 AM water was added to the MiniBoone RAW system and MiniBoone began taking beam once again.

Tev quench investigation and Tev studies continue.

At 9:40 AM the MiniBoone experiment began experiencing problems with their data taking system. Beam was turned off while problem is being worked on.

At 12:00 PM an access was made into M12 to install 2 dehumidifiers.

MiniBoone turns back on at 2:39 PM.

At 3:49 PM the Tev studiers found the cause of the last Tev quench. The culprit was a vertical separator that was found to have the wrong polarity.

Shot setup began at 4:53 PM.

At 7:18 PM Operations established store #3157 with an initial luminosity of 17.14 E30.

Pbar then returned to stacking.

Pbar began shots to the Recycler Ring (RR) at 8:05 PM, shots were completed at 9:05 PM.

Pbar then returned to stacking.

Wednesday January 14
The Midnight shift began with store #3157 colliding, stacking, RR studies, and with beam to MiniBoone.

Store # 3157 was terminated at 6:01 AM.

Shot setup to the Tev began at 6:53 AM.

Today's Plans
Establish a Tev store, then return to stacking.

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