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Friday September 26 through Monday September 29
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Friday, the dayshift began with Operations recovering from a power outage.

On Saturday there were planned power outages for the Booster's East and West gallery areas.

On Sunday there was a planned power outage for feeders 41 and 42 during the morning.

Monday began with a planned ComEd power outage that started around 7:30 AM and ended a bit before 8 AM.

One of the jobs for the Tevatron (TeV) and Main Injector (MI) planned by the water group was to clean their heat exchangers. A heat exchanger removes the heat from magnet or power supply LCW by convection, that is, the pond water and LCW pass near enough to each other to transfer heat without coming in contact with each other. As you can see by these MI pictures, using pond water can be challenging.

Above you can see mud, shale, and shells.Here is the tip of the pressure cleaner.
The pressure cleaner goes in the exchanger.The goop comes out.

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