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Wednesday September 17 through Friday September 19
All shifts began in shutdown.

Technicians have installed a new liner for the F0 Lambertson. The liner is a thin BeCu (Beryllium-Copper) sleeve that conforms to the field-free region of the Lambertson. The reason for the change is to improve the impedance characteristic of the magnet and hopefully improve beam instability problems. The Lambertson laminations are not conductive like the normal beam pipe and so affect the beam image currents differently. This liner will make the walls of the Lambertson appear more uniform with respect to the rest of the machine.

Here is a list of shutdown work for the Antiproton Source:

  • Rebuild the vacuum system for the antiproton target
  • Install mortised stands under quadrupole magnets
  • Complete a survey of the AP2 transfer line
  • Conduct general maintenance on the vacuum system
  • Inspect a flying wire
  • Move some Debuncher RF cavities
  • Inspect ion pump (vacuum pump) connectors
  • Repair a feed through on a beam cooling tank at A10
  • Install a RGA
  • Install shielding in the A50 pit
  • Replace a breaker at AP0
  • Replace a SO cord in AP30
  • Install new heaters in all AP buildings
  • Repair the Debuncher kicker tank
  • Install new Bulk Acoustic Wave filters in the Stacktail cooling system
  • Install new Debuncher Bands 1 & 2 transverse filters
  • Install new Debuncher BPM electronics
  • Move the downstream AP2 BPM electronics

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