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Wednesday September 10 through Friday September 12
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Wednesday, operators responded to a smoke detector alarm for the Linac Annex. The alarm was due to a H-Source transformer oil-processing unit.

Tevatron Shutdown Jobs

Here are the major jobs for the Tevatron.

  1. Install F0 Lambertson liners
  2. Install A-48 Collimator
  3. Fix cold leaks at A-4, F-1, and E-2
  4. Collider Detector Facility concrete shield wall rebuild
  5. Smart bolt shimming 106 dipoles around B0 and D0.
  6. Tevatron survey network include installing monuments and measuring magnets positions
  7. HLS system at B sector instrument 26 quadrupoles
  8. Replace 50 magnet stands around ring
  9. Tevatron roll measurements
  10. Conning tower work in sectors that are warmed up
  11. Octupole circuits
  12. Sextupole at A0
  13. BPM wiring and fixing
  14. General clean up in tunnel
  15. Add 6 sumps pits in tunnel

And here is a simple picture that shows where some of these jobs are occurring.

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