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Monday November 3 through Wednesday November 5
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Monday, Linac had a planned power outage from 8 AM to 10:32 AM. Cryo system technicians began cooling down Tevatron (TeV) sector B1. Techs worked on Antiproton Source power supplies all day. Operators began interlocking the TeV during the evening shift.

On Tuesday, operators finished interlocking the TeV early on the midnight shift. Cryo techs reported that TeV sector B1 was cold at 1:30 AM. After a TeV buss highpot, operators accessed the TeV and cleared a ground fault around 6:30 AM. See picture below.

Operation received permission to turn on all TeV power supplies except the low betas. The Low Beta Magnets focus the beam to create collisions of high luminosity at the Collider Detector Facility (CDF) and D-zero (D0). Operators completed another TeV highpot at 11 AM and had all the TeV VCBs closed by noon. The TeV was ramped to 400 GeV. During the evening shift, operators interlocked, D0, CDF, and MI-12a & b. The MiniBooNE horn tripped off at 7 PM due to lightning strikes. Later in the evening, Operations ramped the low beta power supplies to 980 GeV. By the end of shift, operators had many things ready to ramp in the TeV and a small list of problems.

On Wednesday, operators began ramping all TeV power supplies that they were allowed to turn on.


  • The sector D0 girder move requires that the liquid helium be removed.
  • The sector B1 magnet move requires that the liquid helium be removed.
  • Switchyard experts need to install a trim magnet into the TeV sector F transfer hall. This requires that the liquid helium be removed.
  • CDF needs a low beta check.
  • Over the shutdown, many TeV magnets had their dumb bolts shimmed to center their coils. Now that the magnets are cold, the magnet's cryostats need checking to see if things have remained centered.
  • All TeV HOPS ground faults need clearing.
  • A TeV sextupole at sector A0 needs its klixon checked.
  • Mechanical support has gate work to do in the TeV.
  • The P2 transfer line needs a bake out.
  • The TeV vacuum instrumentation needs maintenance.

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