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BooNE needs banner

MiniBoone will be installing a pole with a banner on top of our detector. The purpose is to mark the detector position, so that it is easy to locate it from the control room in the highrise during summer when the trees have leaves.

We need a design for our banner!

Information for the design:

  • The banner will be rectangular 3' (vert) x 5' (horiz)
  • It needs to be colors which will stand out against the wooded backdrop (so avoid dark green and black!)
  • We will probably order a single-sided banner (they are less expensive), which means the image on the back will be reversed.
Entries should be submitted on paper, in color, to:

Janet Conrad
P.O. Box 500
MS 309
Batavia, IL 60510-500

Please turn in your entry by June 6, 5PM.
Ken Stanfield will be the banner judge.

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