Women in Physics Laboratory Women's Groups

Photo: Women in Physics


Women in Science and Technology at Argonne

Provides leadership and resources to Argonne to promote the success of women in scientific and technical positions at the Laboratory and elsewhere. Also promotes movement toward equity at all levels within Argonne.


Brookhaven Women in Science

Web page for updates on scholarships, activities and issues pertinent to women at the Laboratory.


Equal Opportunities at CERN

At CERN there is interest in setting up one or more women's networks for both scientific and administrative staff. A first initiative has been undertaken in the Atlas collaboration. The purpose of a network would be to provide information about issues concerning CERN women and promote the full participation of women in the Organization at all levels.

Fermilab (FNAL)

Women in Science and Technology (WIST), Fermilab

This is an informal group of Fermilab employees and visitors. It serves as a platform to meet and interact with other women scientists, technicians, and engineers working in different divisions at the laboratory. It also provides opportunities to discuss issues affecting women and promote career building through networking and mentoring.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Committee for Women

Group fosters and promotes the Laboratory as an attractive workplace for women. The longstanding health of the institution critically depends upon it being a preferred employer for both male and female scientists, engineers, and others needed to support the Department of Energy (DOE) missions.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Women’s Interchange at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (WIS)

The Women's Interchange at SLAC was formed in 1991 to provide an open, informal forum to address issues of interest and concern to women, and for sharing information amongst all SLAC departments, cultures, and job classifications, whether women or men.