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September 28, 2009
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October 5, 2009
Mentors wanted for Diversity Office's FermiLINK program
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October 13, 2009
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November 9, 2009
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FermiLINK is Fermilabís mentorship system designed to create an organizational network of leaders by providing opportunities for professional development and career management. This support structure creates access to the counsel and institutional knowledge of successful Fermilab professionals independent of the immediate supervisory hierarchy. FermiLINK provides web-based access to a host of mentors for issue-specific work-related challenges and opportunities. The network supports email, phone, and face-to-face one-time and extended interactions.

FermiLINKís network of trained volunteer mentors, confidentially advise inquiring mentees on a wide range of organizational, workplace and career issues and concerns. Mentees are encouraged to access any number of network mentors suited to address their topic of inquiry. In this way, a mentee may develop mentoring relationships with a variety of mentors depending on their needs and develop a deeper mentoring relationship with a particular mentor, if desired.

FermiLINK supports a one-to-many mentoring relationship. The mentee assumes the lead in making initial contact. The mentee develops or severs mentor relationships as (s)he determines necessary. It is important to understand that FermiLINK is not intended to be an alternative to the FNAL grievance process, nor influence established promotion processes, or compete with the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor. Within the FermiLINK mentoring network, confidentiality is a basic tenet. Supervisor approval/knowledge is not required to access the network and mentoring exchanges are strictly between mentor and mentee.

FermiLINK benefits the mentee, the mentor, and the Lab. The mentoring network benefits the organization as a whole by:

  1. improving morale
  2. increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction
  3. supporting the recruitment and retention of professionals
  4. aligning staff goals and development to the organizational vision
  5. improving organizational leadership practices
  6. serving as a succession planning tool
  7. increasing cross-functional and cross-discipline networking

Remember, mentorship provides guidance and support but mentees must be actively engaged and are ultimately responsible for their own career development.

The FermiLINK network is a resident resource for professional development and career management at Fermilab. This is accomplished through candid and confidential communication about:

  1. developing profession-specific competencies
  2. aligning individual professional career goals with Laboratory vision
  3. navigating internal challenges and opportunities

Communication might take the form of an email exchange in a simple question-and-answer format, phone conversation, or single face-to-face conversation. In other instances, a sustained mentoring relationship may develop.

FermiLINK is not intended to:

  1. be an alternative to the FNAL grievance process
  2. influence established promotion processes
  3. replace or compete with supervisor roles and responsibilities

The FermiLINK network may be useful to new hires, newly promoted employees and reclassified employees.

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