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Fermilab Employee Art Show 2015

On Display: September 18, 2015 –November 30, 2015

Artist Reception Wednesday 9/23 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

Contributing artists: Artieda, Cummings, DelSignore, Dyer, Foley, Gatfield, N. Gurley, S. Gurley, Haseltine, Higgins, Johnson, King, Krave, Kristen, Kuchler, Lincoln, Lunina, McCrory, Murphy, Nestor, Nicol, C. Olsen, L. Olsen, M. Olsen, Orduna, Pavlovic, Putz, Pygott, Ratnikova, Sauers, Schwender, Shaddix, Sheahan, C.Sieh, V. Siehl, Simone, Stancari, Tariq, Walbridge, White, Wren, Yarema.

Thank you to all who made this exhibition possible.


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