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On Display: February 4, 2015 –April 22, 2015

Artist Reception Wednesday 2/4 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

"Art@CMS as a Vehicle for Education and Outreach" by Michael Hoch, Xavier Cortada, Peter Markowitz, Lindsay Olson Wednesday 2/4 4pm
One West, Wilson Hall

Art@CMS exhibition:

aims to create a dialogue between the CMS science community and art communities. It's objective is to present art works of collaborating artists and facilitate group and individual exhibitions worldwide. Each collaborating artist is associated with a scientific partner who acts as a science mentor through the creative process. Art@cms can be used to support and enhance other events, e.g. scientific conferences, and as a platform from which to organise presentations and discussions.

Thank you to all who made this exhibition possible.


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