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Jay Strommen- Creativity is not Created

On Display: January 29 , 2013 –April 10, 2014

Artist Reception February 7 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

A passage was shared with me when I was a child, "What produces change does not itself change, but what changes is what changes". I know not the source progenitor, but am thankful to have been granted the tenet (or tempest in the trivial manner). With that being said, the art before you is a collective discovery originating from the ceramic tradition with a trajectory into something completely new.

The course of my past studies in alchemy has been slowly being deduced down to the essentials and raw materials that my ceramic tradition has used freely for millenniums. Disrobing my thoughts, norms and influences to arrive at these current "Structure Systems" before you has been my primary focus for the past five years. "Structure Systems" are about light, reflection and more importantly the beholders interpretation.

Light, or fire in the more primal sense, is one of the four elements (air, water, fire and earth). Choosing to dismantle the convergences of the basic elements that go into making a ceramic object have become my key focal point. Whimsical studies in 1999 identified that minerals, elements and earth, obvious companions since childhood and more formal since my studies began in 1986, had been rediscovered. Over the past decade, by eliminating preconceived notions of what I am making, as well as, certain processes and "languages" (forms and mark making according to the ceramic tradition), I have found pure "creativity".

"Creativity Is Not Created" is a monumental point in my artistic studies, practices and oeuvre. I have been asked frequently why I make my art and what it is about? I usually reply candidly, "preservation of the imagination". That is the sole source of of my creativity. This exhibition is about representational space, the unseen imagined, which reflects our innate creativity, contemplation and our ability to arrive at thought. Metaphorically speaking, our bodies reflect our great planet's streams and tides, similar to the iron running through our veins. Her molten core is not unlike our heart and soul.

Thank you dear reader.


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