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Compound Interests:The Fine Line Arts Center Faculty Exhibition

The Exhibiting Artists Are:

Blieszner, Buckner, Cadwell, Cinta, Conlee-Johnson, Elwyn, Engel-Rush, Evenson, Griffith, Hill-Soldner, House, Jones, Kazwick, Milostan, Mullarkey, Niemet, O'Connell, Ostewig, Santucci, Smillie, Teichert, Uqaili, Van Acker, Walsh, Wasilowski, Werner, Winslow.

Artist Statements
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Connie Blieszner Connie Blieszner
Connie Blieszner is a fiber artist who designs and produces one-of-a-kind knitted garments. She designs multicolored fabrics which are produced using double jacquard or mosaic knitting methods. Her designs are often inspired by historical costumes and textiles. She also introduces students to her craft, teaching classes in knitted textiles and garment construction techniques.

Innocents Linda F. Buckner
Quality natural fibers and sophisticated appeal are expressed in stitch definition to enhance the wear ability of these unique designs - shoulder to foot! Café Noir - I like my coffee black - shawl or scarf wears multiple ways and enhances the facial features. Persian Delight - a little night dancing music - makes dancing all night long a pleasant and unusual experience (take off those high heels that look great but hurt on that dance floor) and dance the night away. Just two expressions of the fiber artist in me -- a little glamour and a lot of comfort.

Lynn Cadwell Lynn Caldwell
As a fiber artist, I design unique handwoven apparel and accessories. I excel in creating dynamic color combinations and luxurious textured fabric, weaving with rayon chenille for it's supple hand and rich colors. My work ranges from scarves and hats, to shawls and kumihimo jewelry, all designed to a person who wants something original. Kumihimo is the Japanese art of braiding.

Ofilia J. Cinta
I enjoy exploring color, freedom of interpretation and whimsy mixed with beauty. The fish is my personal muse with its agility and grace and simple purpose of existence.

Linda Conlee-Johnson Linda Conlee-Johnson
I have evolved from a basketry artist who wove sculptural art-vessels using traditional basketry materials to an artist experimenting with the weaving process using non-traditional materials, especially metals. At the present time my woven pieces reflect the fiber arts tradition of quilted pieces.

Chicago Skyline Sheila Elwyn
I enjoy the planning of designs on graph paper, the choosing of colors to achieve jewelry in many sizes and shapes as well as wall hangings.

September 11 Claudia Engel-Rush
Dating back thousands of years, metalsmithing is one of the most durable art forms. One of the great challenges of metalsmithing is that it can combine both formal an functional qualities. The allure of boxes is not only the aesthetic exterior but also the surprise of the contents, inviting both curiosity and touch.

Diana Evenson Diana Evenson
My Fine Line teaching began in the early 80's teaching Acid Dyeing, Drop spindle-spinning, Crochet & Band-Weaving. Current classes are Contemporary & Freeform Crochet and Band Weaving. I am a designer/weaver/crocheter of functional and non- functional works. Embellishing the almost finished work is when the real fun begins. Galleries: Bohlin Gallery, Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Out of the Mainstream, Geneva, Illinois. Illinois Artisan Shops in Chicago and Rend Lake, Illinois.

Martha Griffith Martha Griffith
I enjoy making things that are used in people's everyday activities. I also like to explore new forms which are non functional but bring a smile or sense of enjoyment to the owner. Ultimately, every thing is based on my love of clay a process of bringing it to its final state.

Jeanine Hill-Soldner Jeanine Hill-Soldner
I set aside my full color palette to depict these moments frozen in time. Through the camera lens I capture my son and his friend outside at night. The distortions caused by light and movement were exciting to paint. The limited palette allows for focus on the complexities of the visual world, and the physicality of the oil paint.

Beth House
Beth House Beth House has practiced and taught calligraphy in the Fox Valley area since 1974. Currently she teaches this skill at Benedictine University, College of DuPage, Elgin Community College and The Fine Line Creative Arts Center. A past president of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective and active member of the Westside Calligraphy Study Group, Beth also takes calligraphy classes at local and national workshops.

Gail Jones
Gail Jones I have chosen to work with clay because it is a material that allows me to manipulate and create unique shapes giving me a sense of contentment and joy. Each piece is a new adventure in the creative process. Opening the kiln is either total joy or great disappointment. As you view each piece you hope for the elusive crystals since each pot is unique, unpredictable event well worth the wait.

Carol Kazwick

Christine Milostan
I fell in love with color when I was five years old. I could sit for hours marveling at the rainbow my fingertips created. Color speaks to the eyes as notes speak to the ears. Both resonate with the heart and soul. In my Sultry Sounds of Color series I wish to express the synergy and fluidity of each "language". Listen to your own beat and tap into your creativity!

Kimberly Mullarkey
Art is a process of questioning, gathering and arranging, cycles of time and timelessness, wonder and awe. Bones, pomegranates and seeds are representative of life and death, endless potential, beauty and decay, holders of the past and future.

Judith Niemet Judith Niemet
I believe in the creative process. It brings wholeness and healing. Teaching art continues as my way to share its value and richness. My artistic expression is deepened by living a spiritual tradition as a Sister of Mercy. Creativity and spirituality become connected. Creativity as power to heal led me to become and art therapist. So, look for threads of creativity, spirituality and healing in my pictures and poetry.

Mary O'Connell Mary O'Connell
Mary O'Connell My work is based on the human figure as it is expressed in abstract vessel forms. I am interested in the exploration of form and the symmetry of vessels by integrating the exterior mass of the vessel with it's interior volume. This combination of inner versus outer is meant to illustrate the inward and the outward nature of the human being.

Pat Ostewig Pat Ostewig
Pat lives in West Dundee, and teaches at the River Street Art Center in East Dundee, The Fine Line, and art at Dundee-Crown High School where she is Chairman of the Art Department. She has been weaving baskets for about ten years, and has turned into a "Basket Case" with her love of this art form. One of her greatest joys is to share baskets with her students. Pat has a BA in Art Ed. from Southern Illinois University, MS in Art Ed. from Northern Illinois University, and a MS ed. in Instructional Technology/Library Science also from NIU. Presently Pat is also exhibiting a photo mixed media montage and a traditional basket form in the Illinois Education permanent collection in Springfield. In addition to her artwork Pat works with educators from numerous countries as an educational travel leader for teachers in areas of South and Central America. She loves to teach, travel AND Baskets!

Barb Santucci Barb Santucci
Both paintings, HER ECHO and NATURE'S DAUGHTER, were painted with acrylics, gold leaf and papers. The women in these pieces were placed in an iconographic setting. Although they are not religious figures I wanted them to have some of the characteristics of an icon; such as, the use of gold leaf, an archway and the figures push out of their space and into the viewer's in a frontal pose. As the artist, I hope the viewer will be drawn into their world.

Rosemary Smillie Rosemary Smillie
For me the act of creativity nourishes the spirit. Painting is my way to practice that creativity. Water based painting gives me a sense of freedom and release I've not found with other media. Whole my paintings appear realistic, most of the scenes or things depicted exist only in my mind, and the manifestation of my subconscious onto paper makes this a journey of self-discovery.

Anne Mary Teichert
My inspiration comes from the materials I work with, earth, water and fire. The smooth, symmetric functional ware I used to make has gradually morphed into looser forms which preserve and celebrate the malleability of wet clay.

Sadia Uqaili Sadia Uqaili
Sadia Uqaili Having lived in five different countries on two continents I have experienced a panoply of cultures. I enjoy functioning in very distinct environments, moving from one to the next, with past encounters creating a rich fusion of memory and desire. This alchemy compels me to produce images that trouble our place in this evolving system of relationships, and in doing so, construct monuments to the ordinary and the fantastic.

Alyce Van Acker
For almost twenty-five years, I have been involved in teaching at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, a wonderful haven of camaraderie and spirit. From my earliest years it has been my desire to actively pursue my interest in the arts. I perceive in the act of painting an unfolding, a lifting of the heart, a commissioning of my art to speak for itself to others.

Jay Walsh Jay Walsh
I am a teacher and ceramic artist. My primary focus is on classical forms and combined pieces which incorporate traditional oriental glazes. I am influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese forms as well as the Arts and Crafts movement styles. My attempts are to use these forms and glazes in more non-traditional methods. The piece I have submitted is based on a stylized female form.

Laura Wasilowski Laura Wasilowski
Laura Wasilowski Colorful, hand dyed fabrics are my inspiration for creating art quilts, as are stories of my family, friends and home. I combine vivid fabrics and whimsical stories to make pictorial quilts, which are often narratives of my life. Each wall piece I make is of my own design, usually of fused appliqué and machine quilted.

Peter Julian Werner

Heather Winslow Heather Winslow

Heather Winslow is a fiber artist specializing in nature-inspired, classical handwoven clothing. She loves to teach and does so locally, nationally and internationally. She is the author of many articles in fiber magazines and wrote the book "More on Moorman: Theo Moorman Inlay Adapted to Clothing."

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