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George Shipperley

Being an artist is having the insatiable appetite to create and explore. We are innovators, not hobbyists, forever searching for new and original ideas and the methods to convey those ideas.
The majority of my work comprises imaginary landscapes and still life; however, I also enjoy cityscapes and figures. Subject is really not my priority. Interpretation though feeling and emotion is. It's not what we choose to paint or draw but how we do it that matters. That is the essence of a good work of art, and that is how we distinguish ourselves from other artists. For example, the trees in a landscape should reflect the poetry of their being, not just their rhythm and communication with each other. Only then will we capture the true meaning of a work of art.
Painting from my imagination is also important because it allows me the unlimited freedom of design and composition and not just the rendering of a photograph.
As for the medium, I prefer pastels, mostly oil pastel because of its versatility and extraordinary selection of colors.

George Shipperley

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