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Moon Project
by Sallie Wolf

Moon Project

The Moon Project is a compilation of charts, graphs, drawing, journals, scrapbooks, and sketchbooks based on over twelve years of investigating the moon. I record my observations daily in my journals. From the journals I compile calendar-like charts and drawings that explore my growing understanding of the moon and its patterns, based strictly on personal observation and on conversation. I do not research the moon.

As I began my observations I realized I needed to keep the project as simple and portable as possible. Because my standard of measurement and orientation is my body and a compass, I can continue these observations wherever I am, and I have developed my own set of symbols to record what I see.

I began this project because I was surprised and puzzled to see a crescent moon in the east, in the morning. I thought the moon was always a nighttime visitor and I wondered what the moon was doing rising at the same time I was. I decided to watch for the moon, to mark it down in my journals, and to see what I could teach myself by observation alone. The Moon Project is an ongoing exploration and each time it is exhibited I add new material. The accumulation of information gives a sense of length of time and commitment invested into looking for the moon. It is a visual journal--time made visible.

Sallie Wolf
Calypso Moon Studio
331 B Harrison Street
Oak Park, IL

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