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Energy at Fermilab

On Display: March 21, 2012 – May 9, 2012

Artist Reception April 13, 2012 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall


ENERGY is a collaboration of three art galleries in Batavia, Illinois: Fermilab Art Gallery, The Gallery at Allen+Pepa, and Water Street Studios. Batavia has been nicknamed the "City of Energy" due to its history of windmill production and its status as home to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). Each gallery will display art work that references a particular type of energy.

* Fermilab will showcase work inspired by potential energy, the energy stored in a body or system due to its position in a force field. on display March 21, 2012 May 9, 2012 Artist Reception April 13, 2012
* The Gallery at Allen+Pepa will feature work related to mechanical energy, the sum of potential and kinetic energy present in the components of a mechanical system. on display April 20, 2012 - June 1, 2012 Artist Reception April 27, 2012
* Waterstreet Studios will present work referencing kinetic energy, the energy possessed by an object due to its motion.on display April 20, 2012 May 13, 2012 Artist Reception April 20, 2012

Artists juried into the Potential Energy exhibit:

Fawn Clarke-Peterson, Greta Bell, Al DaValle, Polly Greathouse, Rita Grendze,
Todd Johnson, Vesna Jovanovic, Jim Kirkhoff, Kari Kraus, Robert Krawczyk,
Steven Lockwood, Michael McGee, Mizuho Mishina, Martin Murphy, Brad Pogatetz,
Kai Schulte, Georgia Schwender, Sharon Sychta, Ana Zanic.

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