National Science Foundation U.S. Department of Energy

LHC Grid Fest Program

10:30 a.m. Grid Fest at Fermilab

Pier Oddone, Fermilab Director

Fermilab and the LHC Computing Grid
Patricia McBride, Fermilab Computing Division Deputy Head

LHC: Pioneering a national open science computing infrastructure
Miron Livny, Professor of Computer Science,
University of Wisconsin Madison

ESnet: Supporting LHC
Steve Cotter, ESnet Department Head

Accurate modeling of fluids using the Open Science Grid
Andrew Schultz, Research Scientist, SUNY Buffalo

11:00 a.m. Live video connection to Grid Fest at CERN

Wolfgang von Ruden, CERN Information Technology Department Head

Robert Aymar, CERN Director General

Peter Jenni, Spokesperson for the ATLAS Collaboration

Jim Virdee, Spokesperson for the CMS Collaboration

Ian Bird, CERN Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Project Leader

Glen Crawford, U.S. Department of Energy

11:30 a.m. Live video connections to U.S. and Canadian Tier 1 Centers

Brookhaven National Laboratory Stony Brook, New York
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - Batavia, Illinois
TRIUMF Vancouver, Canada

11:40 a.m. Question and answer period via video with CERN Director General Robert Aymar and other panel members

LHC Grid Fest