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This oddly shaped laked is surrounded by willows and cattails and had for some years provided nesting habitat for herons, egrets, and cormorants. The number and variety of birds nesting in the rookery varied greatly over time, but declined steadily as the taller willow trees have gradually died off and fallen over. This is still a good spot to find Black-crowned Night-Herons and in July, 2000 a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was also found roosting in the willow thickets by the lake. In winter, the willow thickets to the south of the lake often harbor Long-eared Owls and the adjacent cattails have produced a King Rail (2002, 2006) and Least Bitterns (2000, 2001).

Waterfowl and gulls are often attracted to the lake in spring and fall, including rarities such as Iceland Gull (2001) and American White Pelican (2003). Bald Eagles are regularly spotted roosting by the lake and a Red-shouldered Hawk was present for over a week in December of 1998.

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