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Fermilab Art Series presents:
Huun Huur Tu: Throat Singers of Tuva
Saturday, April 12, 2014 @ 8 p.m.
Tickets - $28/$14 for ages 18 and under
Volume Discount (adult priced tickets for 3 - 4 Arts Series events) - $25.20
About Huun-Huur-Tu: Throat Singers of Tuva

Richard Feynman's Fantasy: The Marvelous Stamps of Tannu Tuva
Pre-performance talk by Ralph Leighton, author of Tuva or Bust!

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On-line ticketing now available! Click here to purchase tickets until noon on Friday, April 11, or call our box office at 630/840.ARTS (2787). Available tickets sold at the door starting at 7 pm.

Throat-singing was the first thing the Tuvans did. (Tuva is a largely rural Russian republic that borders Mongolia in the geographical center of Asia.) In unison the four men let loose a low, guttural rumble and then chanted like Tibetan monks. After this first piece, they sang in a variety of ways, but the most striking of these combined a hum and whistle sound together, and that was produced by one singer. That was wild enough, but to hear all four do this was remarkable - each member was capable of producing two or three pitches/notes as they sang.- Columbus Dispatch

The whistling of the high-mountain wind forms eerie overtones and postmodern statement. The repeated thrum of a string against wood and hide turns into a meditative, evocative figure straight from the avant garde. The descendants of isolated Siberian herdsmen make serious, strangely universal music out of some of the planets quirkiest acoustics.

The Tuvan acoustic quartet Huun Huur Tu prove that Tuvan music can take plenty of intelligent innovation. Using traditional instruments and drawing subtly on 20th-century composers, funky rhythms, and the palette of electronica, Huun Huur Tu transform ancient songs into complex acoustic compositions.

As they began touring in the West seventeen years ago, Huun Huur Tu almost single-handedly introduced the outside world to the boundless wealth of Tuvan traditions, thanks in great part to their superior musicianship. Hailing from the high pastures of the Altai Mountains in south central Siberia, the musicians have spent decades honing the overtone singing, instrumental approaches, and vibrant songs of their home.

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