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Fermilab Art Series presents:
Best of Dance Chicago
April 14, 2007 @ 8 p.m.
Tickets - $20/$10 ages 18 and under

The Premiere Showcase for the dizzying array of companies, dancers and choreographers that are the core of the city’s burgeoning dance scene.” – Chicago Sun-Times

The Stars of Dance Chicago is an international touring group that consists of Chicago's most vibrant dancers, choreographers and dance masters selected by Artistic Director John Schmitz to represent Dance Chicago.

Schmitz states: "They perform a dizzying premiere showcase where ballet mingles with jazz, modern mixes into hip-hop and tap burst onto the scene in a brilliant kaleidoscope of dance. These choreographers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel - they've found new ways of making it roll. Whether they leave you speechless or screaming for more, these are the dances you will never forget. Toes tap, hips hop. Smooth moves on hard groves. The Stars of Dance Chicago is about racing hearts, sweaty palms and unbridled passion. Who needs rhyme and reason when you've got the rhythm? This is new artistry in full Technicolor in a most exhilarating dance program."

Performers include dancers from the Joffrey Ballet, M.A.D.D. Rhythms, River North Dance Company, Chicago Ballroom Dance with artistic directors Tommye Giacchino and Gregory Day, and others.


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