Tune IT Up Campaign 2009-2010

photo: Tune IT Up

From 2009-2010, Fermilab conducted the "Tune IT Up" campaign to improve computer security and promote best practices. Computer Security remains a top priority at Fermilab and is everyone's responsibility!


Computer Security Quick Reference

  • Keep your screen locked if you're away.
  • No username or passwords on yellow stickies or any other paper.
  • No password or confidential information in unlocked drawers or cabinets.
  • Do NOT insert media into your computer sent to you by unknown personnel.
  • Keep computer rooms locked.
  • Stay alert while reading your e-mail. Do NOT open links or files from questionable sources.
  • Never divulge your password to anyone, including members of the security team, the service desk, your system administrator, your supervisor or others.
Pier Oddone
Pier Oddone

Message from the Director

Victoria A White
Victoria A White

Message from the Computing Division


Configure your e-mail to ensure security

The Tune IT Up team has taken on its final task in improving laboratory cyber security: Ensuring secure e-mail use. The campaign will achieve this goal in two steps.

First, between today and Wednesday, May 5, those who use IMAP e-mail may need to alter the configuration of their e-mail clients in order to make certain communication is secure.


Reset local account passwords

If you have a local account on your Windows computer, you or your system administrator might need to reset its password. Starting today, system administrators will begin receiving alerts about local accounts with passwords that need updating. If your system administrator contacts you, please work with him or her to either change the password or disable the account, if it is no longer needed.

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