Fermilab TodayWednesday, October 1, 2003  
Wednesday, October 1
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Flr X-Over

Thursday, October 2
2:30 pm Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: D. Kosower, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay
Title: Real Emission at NNLO
3:30 pm Director's Coffee Break - 2nd Flr X-Over

Wednesday, October 1
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2004 Panofsky Prize Awarded to Fermilab User Arie Bodek
Arie Bodek
Arie Bodek
The American Physical Society has awarded the 2004 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize in Experimental Particle Physics to Arie Bodek, Chair of the Rochester Department of Physics and Astronomy and a Fermilab user since 1974. According to the APS, Bodek earned the top prize in experimental particle physics "for his broad, sustained, and insightful contributions to elucidating the structure of the nucleon, using a wide variety of probes, tools and methods at many laboratories."

Bodek's major contributions include work with parton density functions (PDF's) and the EMC (European Muon Collaboration) effect. Over his career, he has used many types of experiments, including electron scattering, neutrino scattering, electron-positron colliding, and proton colliding. Currently, Bodek is working on CDF, CMS, NuTeV, and MINERvA. Bodek's studies of nucleon structure have not been continuous, but he says new techniques and new technologies keep bringing him back. "The structure of the nucleon has always been dear to my heart."

Farewell Jim Yeck
Jane Monhart presented Jim Yeck with a bison to remind him where he has been and a cheese head to remind him where he is going.
Jane Monhart presented Jim Yeck with a bison to remind him where he has been and a cheese head to remind him where he is going.
On September 30, the DOE Fermi Area Office and Fermilab honored Jim Yeck, the DOE/NSF U.S. LHC Project Manager, with an award ceremony and farewell party. In mid-October, Yeck will say goodbye to the flatlanders and hello to the cheese heads to manage the University of Wisconsin's IceCube neutrino detector project located at the South Pole. At the ceremony, Manager of DOE Chicago Operations Marvin Gunn presented Yeck with a recognition plaque to acknowledge his twenty-year federal career. Jane Monhart and Pepin Carolan, DOE Fermi Area Office, as well as Fermilab's Ken Stanfield and Dan Green all spoke about Yeck's rare talent for managing large-scale projects and his ability to give valuable constructive advice. "Jim brings the rare combination of good judgment, people skills and the ability to manage large projects," said Deputy Director Stanfield. "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jim on the LHC and other Fermilab-related projects. If it ever gets too cold for him in Wisconsin or the South Pole, I hope that he will remember our balmy weather here at Fermilab and that we are always looking for good project leaders."

Director's Corner
Mike Witherell
Mike Witherell
Good Morning!
At the meeting on Monday of HEPAP, the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, a subpanel called P5 submitted a report containing recommendations about several Fermilab experimental programs: CDF and D0, BTeV, and CKM.

  • P5 supported Fermilab's plan for Run II, saying that CDF and D0 had "an unparalleled opportunity to address the major questions in elementary particle physics."
  • They recommended building the BTeV experiment quickly, in time to start operation at the Tevatron collider in 2009. They called it "an important project in the world-wide quark flavor physics area."
  • The panel also evaluated the physics potential of the CKM experiment highly, but they recommended not proceeding with CKM for budgetary reasons.

I have summarized the P5 findings. The important message for the Fermilab community is that our laboratory will have a central role in every sector of the U.S. particle physics program in 2010. The P5 report solidifies Fermilab's position in the American physics program beyond Run II. We will continue in our role at the center of particle physics in the U.S. throughout this decade and into the next.

In the News
From The New York Times, September 30, 2003
Other Dimensions? She's in Pursuit
By Dennis Overbye
Just before midnight on a recent summer night, the girl, Dr. Maria Spiropulu, now 33 and a physicist affiliated with the University of California at Santa Barbara, stepped outside a South Side Chicago jazz club and climbed into a cluttered Honda Civic. She was wearing black jeans, a black sleeveless top, Nikes and three rings on her left hand. Spewing noise from a leaky muffler, she drove into the Illinois prairie, through the gates of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, or Fermilab, and past scattered farmhouses too white and neat to be real farmhouses anymore.
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Bible Exploration for Lunch League (BELL)
Meet this Wednesday at noon in the Small Dining Room (WH-1SW). Additional information at 630-840-3607 or dykhuis@fnal.gov.

International Folk Dancing
International Folk Dancing will be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, at the Geneva American Legion Post. Info at 630-584-0825 or 630-840-8194 or folkdance@fnal.gov.

Fermi Singers
Come join the Fermilab Singers! We rehearse in the auditorium at noon on Wednesdays. You bring the voice... we provide the music. If you have any questions, call or email Anne Heavey (x8039, aheavey@fnal.gov).

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