Fermilab TodayWednesday, February 1, 2006  
Current Spokesperson Status

CDF: Young-Kee Kim and Rob Roser are the current spokespeople. CDF elections to replace Kim, who served for 2 years and will not run for reelection, are in the final stage. Results will be announced tomorrow, Feb. 2.

CDMS: The spokespeople for the current experiment, CDMS II at Soudan, are Bernard Sadoulet (UC Berkeley) and Blas Cabrera (Stanford). Cabrera and Dan Akerib (Case Western) were elected as spokespeople for the proposed follow-on experiment, SuperCDMS at SNOLAB.

DZero: Jerry Blazey and Terry Wyatt are the current DZero spokespeople. The nomination process for the position now held by Blazey, who has served for 4 years, is scheduled to begin in February. Results of the following election will be announced in April.

MINERvA: Jorge Morfin and Kevin McFarland are the first spokespeople of the relatively new MINERvA experiment, which was approved in 2004. Terms are for two years and MINERvA will hold elections later this year.

MiniBooNE: New spokespersons Steve Brice and Richard Van De Water took over from Janet Conrad and Bill Louis this month when MiniBooNE switched from experiment E898 to experiment E944, now studying antineutrinos instead of neutrinos. Conrad and Louis are still very active getting results out from past MiniBooNE running.

MINOS: Stanley Wojcicki is the current co-spokesperson, and MINOS is in the midst of the nomination process for a second co-spokesperson, to complete Doug Michael's term. They hope to finish and announce results by the end of March, in time for the next collaboration meeting.

MIPP: Rajendran Raja and Ed Hartouni are the current MIPP spokespeople.

NOvA: Gary Feldman and Mark Messier are the current NOvA spokespeople. Messier was recently elected as a NOvA co-spokesperson for a two-year term, effective immediately.

SciBooNE: This is a new, small neutrino experiment using the Booster neutrino beam line. Morgan Wascko and Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto University) are the current spokespeople for this new experiment and no upcoming elections are yet planned. According to Wascko, "It was just about one year ago that we conceived the idea of SciBooNE, and only about six months ago that we actually got to a point where we used words like 'spokesperson.'" In January, the experiment received approval from the Fermilab director. Fermilab Today will report on this new experiment in the near future.