Fermilab TodayMonday, June 18, 2005  
Promotions for Nine Scientists
On June 9, the following scientists were promoted to Scientist I, a position without term limit. This promotion marks a big step in the life of a Fermilab scientist--it recognizes valuable work done over the years.

Fermilab Today congratulates:

Steve Mrenna - for his international stature in collider phenomenology.
Peter Shanahan - for his many contributions to the MINOS experiment.
Ron Moore - for his excellent work on the Tevatron, leading to record luminosities.
Jane Nachtman - for her contributions to the CDF detector and its physics.
Huan Lin-for his many contributions to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its science.
Dan Broemmelsiek - for his contributions to the Recycler, especially its stochastic cooling.
Chen-Yang Tan - for his contributions to the Tevatron and its increased luminosity.
Aurelio Juste - for his contributions to the D0 detector and its physics.
Andreas Jansson - for his expertise in accelerator instrumentation and accelerator physics, and their application to the Tevatron.

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