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There has been a buzz about peak luminosity records in recent months. But what, exactly, is luminosity and how are Fermilab scientists working to increase it? Fermilab Today recently published this series of articles to provide answers to these questions.

Crash Course in Luminosity: Key to Discovery at Fermilab

 November 7, 2005
  What is Luminosity?
Accelerator Imagine two schools of sardines swimming toward each other. The water is murky, so the fish don't realize they are about to collide...

 November 9, 2005
  Why do we care about increasing our chances for collisions?
Top Event At the Tevatron, collisions create exotic new particles that may help physicists discover the universe's best-kept secrets...

 November 11, 2005
  Making the best antiproton beams
Main Injector The recipe for producing large numbers of collisions, or high luminosity, in the Tevatron seems rather simple...

 November 16, 2005
  Slip-stacking to bombard pbar target
Slip Stacking Ioanis Kourbanis judges his upgrade contributions by the state of the antiproton target. He's looking for damage to the target, and damage is what he hopes to find...

 November 18, 2005
  Getting more pbars out of the Antiproton Source
Slip Stacking In the quest for higher luminosity in the Tevatron, scientists are focusing their attention on the proton's negatively charged counterpart--the antiproton...

 November 23, 2005
  Collisions in the Right Place
Seperator Usually, when we think of luminosity, we think of increasing collisions. But it's Ron Moore's job to prevent collisions in the Tevatron--at least until the particle bunches reach the detectors...

 November 30, 2005
  Updating the "prescription" of Tevatron beam position monitors
BPM The glasses of the Tevatron were dirty, broken and scratched with a prescription more than 20 years out-of-date...

 December 2, 2005
  Rapid Response Team Set To Cap Off Run II Upgrades
Pbars available Like any "overnight success," the Accelerator Division's Rapid Response Team has been years in the making...

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