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From 2004 through 2005, Fermilab Today's "ILC This Week" series offered weekly stories focusing on the international ILC effort, the effects on research and development at Fermilab, and activities at other laboratories. The column ended its year-long run in August of 2005, when the International Linear Collider Global Design Effort released its inaugural issue of ILC NewsLine.

For current ILC news, please visit the ILC NewsLine

2005 Linear Collider News

 August 11, 2005
  GDE: Director's Corner from Barry Barish
Barry Barish

 August 5, 2005
  ILC This Week: Snowmass Workshop Goals Tackle Real-World Issues
International Linear Collider

 July 28, 2005
  Director's Corner: Barry Barrish
Barry Barrish

 July 21, 2005
  From the GDE Director's Corner: Superconductivity Workshop
Cornell University

 July 14, 2005
  GDE Director's Corner, July 13

 July 8, 2005
  E-166: The Sultans of Spin

 July 1, 2005
  Kuchler Delivers Conventional Facilities Study Update
Vic Kuchler

 June 23, 2005
 GDE: Director's Corner from Barry Barish
ITRP Panel

 June 17, 2005
 GDE: Director's Corner from Barry Barish
Barry Barish

 June 9, 2005
 GDE: Director's Corner from Barry Barish

 June 3, 2005
 Theory Meets Experiment

 May 24, 2005
 SRF Material Collaboration Expands to U. of Wisconsin
Linear Collider

 May 20, 2005
 Dugan Selected as North American Regional GDE Director
Gerald Dugan

 May 13, 2005
 Takasaki selected as regional GDE director
Linear Collider

 May 6, 2005
 Top as the Gateway to New Physics
Linear Collider

 April 22, 2005
 Fermilab, Argonne Team Up On Damping Ring Design Analysis

 April 15, 2005
 SCRF scientists proceed with R&D
DESY DESY Director

 April 8, 2005
 Weerts updates Fermilab ILC community
Harry Weerts

 April 1, 2005
 Snowmass hosts ILC workshops in August
Snowmass 2005

 March 25, 2005
 Barish To Model GDE On Experiment Collaboration
Barry Barish

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