Weekly Classifieds
Posted March 20, 2015

Classified ads run each Friday in Fermilab Today and remain posted for a week. The weekly deadline for submitting ads is 12 noon each Wednesday.

If you would like to submit an ad, please fill out the online form, providing all of the information requested. If you do not have Web access, contact the Office of Communication at 630-840-3351.

Please read the Fermilab Today classified ad policy before submitting your ad.

For Sale

FREE microwave + convection oven.  In addition to nuking leftovers, you can bake frozen pizzas and other essentials of a young scientist's existence, electronically sound, but the handle and grill are broken, mounting hardware available if wanted. Contact: Andreas at ask@fnal.gov


2 or 3 bedroom house or townhouse in move in condition including appliances, one or possibly two car garage, short drive to Fermi, hoping to move in beginning of May but negotiable. Contact: Greg at x4627 or langlois@fnal.gov

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