Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015
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Linux at Fermilab quarterly meeting - Nov. 18

English country dancing at Kuhn Barn with live music - Nov. 22

Open pickleball league at the gym

Employee discount at RX Auto Care

Veterans Day celebration in Kuhn Barn - today

UChicago 125th anniversary celebration - Nov. 13

Black Violet, Act III - The Unnatural Order - Fifth House Ensemble - Nov. 14

Lunch and Learn: Health at Your Desk - sign up by Nov. 18

NALWO Thanksgiving dinner demo - Nov. 18

Workshop on Booster Performance and Enhancments - Nov. 23-24

Deadline for University of Chicago Tuition Remission Program - Nov. 24

No international folk dancing on Thanksgiving

Professional and Organization Development 2015-16 fall/winter course schedule

Holiday travel planning for foreign nationals

Fermilab prescription safety eyewear notice

Fermilab Board Game Guild

Indoor soccer

Scottish country dancing Tuesdays evenings at Kuhn Barn

Employee discount at Warrenville Oil Express


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From symmetry

Physics Photowalk voting begins

Pick your favorites from among 24 photos taken during the Global Physics Photowalk. Photo: Mikey Enriquez

Twenty-four top photos have been selected to enter the next stage of the Global Physics Photowalk competition.

In September, eight world-leading research laboratories invited photographers to take a look behind the scenes at their facilities­ to share the beauty behind physics. More than 200 photographers collectively participated in the international photowalk, submitting thousands of photos into local competitions. After careful deliberation, each laboratory selected their three winning photos from their local submissions to enter into the global competition.

In the next stage of the global competition, the top 24 photos will be judged in two categories: a jury competition, facilitated through a panel of international judges, and a people's choice competition, conducted via an online popular vote. Starting today, the public is invited to view and choose their favorite photos on the Interactions Collaboration website. Voting closes November 30.

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Photos of the Day

Everything gold can stay

nature, trees, woods, fall, autumn
Fermilab woods are golden for a brief season. Photo: Nitin Yadav, Indian Institute of Technology-Kandur
nature, trees, woods, fall, autumn
The oranges are also beautiful. Photo: Georgia Schwender, OC
In the News

Mega science prize split between 1,377 physicists

From Nature, Nov. 9, 2015

It is a celebration of the collective over the individual. Whereas only two physicists picked up this year's physics Nobel prize for the discovery that neutrinos have mass and can change identity while travelling, 1,377 collaborators who were involved in the 'neutrino oscillation' experiments behind the finding will share the US$3-million Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

The awards, announced on 8 November at a star-studded ceremony at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, also honour five biologists in the life sciences and a mathematician.

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Employees receive degrees through Fermilab Tuition Assistance Program

Fermilab supports the continuing education development of employees through the Tuition Assistance Program.

Three Fermilab employees recently received degrees through the Fermilab Tuition Assistance Program. They are, from left: Charlie Cooper, IARC, Master of Business Administration; Ali Hemmati, TD, Master of Engineering Management; Leslie Peters, TD, Associate in Applied Science.

In Brief

Veterans Day celebration - today at 11:30 a.m., Kuhn Barn

A high school color guard performs at last year's Veterans Day celebration in Kuhn Barn. Photo: Joseph Morgan Sr., FS

The Fermilab Veterans Day Celebration takes place today in Kuhn Barn from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Veterans from all armed services are invited, including veterans of foreign wars. Admission is $5. Reserve your tickets today by contacting Joe Morgan by email or at x4181.

The catered celebration will include a guest talk by Lieutenant Colonel Eric Pettyjohn, now retired, of the United States Air Force and former F-16 fighter pilot. He will lead a performance of the West Aurora High School Color Guard.

Safety Update

ESH&Q weekly report, Nov. 10

This week's safety report, compiled by the Fermilab ESH&Q Section, contains five incidents.

An employee was cleaning around the rim of a ground light when his finger was cut by a shard of glass. He received first aid.

An employee hit the side of his nose on a free-standing sign when he bent to pick up his backpack. This is a report-only case.

An employee experienced eye irritation after moving equipment and sweeping in a warehouse. His eyes were flushed with eye wash and he was prescribed antibiotic ointment. This is a recordable case.

An employee experienced wrist pain after attempting to lift his 40-pound toolbox. He received first aid at the Medical Office and was told to work within his own tolerance. This claim is pending.

A subcontractor employee was observed performing an electrical lockout application. The employee successfully locked out the equipment and proceeded to the verification phase, whereby observers noted that the employee was not fully following the appropriate safe work practices. The incident is categorized as an ORPS SC-4 "failure to follow a prescribed hazardous energy control procedure."

See the full report.