Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015
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Zumba Toning registration due today

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Zumba Fitness registration due Aug. 20

Call for proposals: URA Visiting Scholars Program - deadline is Aug. 31

Fermilab employee art show - submission deadline Sept. 1

Fermilab golf outing - Sept. 11

September AEM meeting date change to Sept. 14

Python Programming Basics is scheduled for Oct. 14-16

Python Programming Advanced - Dec. 9-11

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Fermi Singers invite all visiting students and staff

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Scottish country dancing meets Tuesday evenings in Ramsey Auditorium

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2014 Industrial Hygiene Award given to Roads and Grounds

For 18 months, Roads and Grounds Department members have been wearing monitoring equipment to help ensure that workers are not overexposed to chemical and physical hazards. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Every year the Industrial Hygiene Group nominates an employee or employees for the annual Fermilab Industrial Hygiene Award. The award is given in recognition of those who advance Fermilab's Industrial Hygiene Program, which is concerned with the control of occupational health hazards that arise as a result of doing work.

The Roads and Grounds Department has been awarded the 2014 Industrial Hygiene Award for their cooperation over the past year and a half in helping the Industrial Hygiene Group characterize the occupational exposures during summer lawn care maintenance and prescribed prairie burn operations.

In assisting the Industrial Hygiene Group, Roads and Grounds employees wore monitoring equipment to detect both chemical and physical hazards. This allowed the Industrial Hygiene Group to obtain data they needed to ensure the workers were not being overexposed.

With the participation of Roads and Grounds, the Industrial Hygiene Group has now collected more than 140 samples relating to their work operations, with more expected in the coming years. Maintaining the lab's natural areas takes a great deal of detailed job planning and hard work by a large group of dedicated workers. Therefore it is only fitting that this year's award be presented to all the members of the Roads and Grounds Department.

Jonny Staffa, ESH&Q

In the News

Northland lab offers glimpse of elusive neutrinos

From Duluth News Tribune, Aug. 16, 2015

The answer to one of the biggest questions in particle physics is taking shape in the wilderness of northern Minnesota.

It's there, along the Ash River, about 30 miles southeast of International Falls, that a colossal new detector is producing data that offers a glimpse at cosmically abundant but elusive and little-understood particles called neutrinos.

The data being mined are accessible to a group of researchers around the world who are studying changes in neutrinos in an effort to better understand them.

The neutrinos are fired by the trillions in a beam through the Earth (and under Lake Superior) from 500 miles away, at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Lab near Chicago.

It's all being done to answer the question: "Why do neutrinos matter?"

"I don't know," University of Minnesota Duluth professor of physics Alec Habig said frankly. "We're trying to learn how they behave and what they do."

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In Brief

Heads up to web administrative servers - securing Fermilab websites

Because of recent security-related events across the country, the Computer Security team, in collaboration with the Core Computing Division, is taking additional steps to ensure that content running on Fermilab websites is secure. Consequently, computing staff will soon reach out to individuals who are running Web servers that are not hosted on the central Web server, including those who are running Web servers on nonstandard ports.

If you receive an email from the Service Desk, please give it prompt attention and take the necessary actions described in the email.

The goal of the Fermilab computer security team is to facilitate having an open laboratory while protecting information from security breaches.

In Brief

Accepting applications for Fermilab employee art show through Sept. 1

Your artwork could be here. Apply to be in this year's employee art show in the Fermilab Art Gallery. Photo: Cindy Arnold

The Fermilab Art Gallery is now accepting applications for the upcoming employee art show, "Where Science Inspires Art." The deadline for applications is Tuesday, Sept. 1. View the application and flyer for more details.

Photo of the Day

And the jet flew under the moon

A jet flies under the morning moon in this view of Wilson Hall. Photo: Valery Stanley, WDRS
In the News

Multiversal truths

From The Economist, Aug. 15, 2015

The expansion of the universe, starting with the Big Bang, is a well-attested physical phenomenon. But over the past 400 years the universe has also undergone a different sort of expansion — a mental one. This began with a big bang too, the shattering in the early 17th century by astronomers such as Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler of the crystal spheres hitherto supposed to have held heavenly bodies on their proper courses. That led people to realise the so-called fixed stars, the celestial backdrop on which the movement of the planets is played out, are vastly farther away than had been believed, which led in turn to an understanding that the Milky Way, as seen in the night sky, is actually the view from Earth of a gigantic system of stars, of which the sun is a single, lowly member.

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