Tuesday, June 16, 2015
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Zumba Toning registration due June 23

Lunch and Learn about vein disorders - today

NALWO lecture: Beauty of Barns - today

Thursday Yoga registration due June 18

English country dancing at Kuhn Barn with live music - June 21

art/LArSoft course at Fermilab, free registration - Aug. 3-7

Wilson Hall air conditioning shut down

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Monday yoga registration

Scottish country dancing moves to auditorium, meets Tuesday evenings through summer

International folk dancing moves to auditorium, meets Thursday evenings through summer

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Pushpa Bhat new deputy head of Program Planning Office

Pushpa Bhat

Fermilab scientist Pushpa Bhat knows a thing or two about running scientific programs at Fermilab. Having played leadership roles for CMS, DZero and Tevatron upgrades, she's well acquainted with the needs of those who build accelerators and those who ultimately make use of their beams.

Her more than two decades of experience as an experimentalist and program manager has led her to the newly instituted role as deputy head of the Program Planning Office, headed by Steve Geer. Bhat will provide guidance to new Fermilab experiments, conduct operational readiness reviews, and help integrate strategic planning and performance management into program planning.

She will continue her research work on the CMS experiment, where she recently led efforts on radiation simulations, served as co-convener of the CMS-LHC machine interface group, and contributed to Higgs boson searches and discovery.

In Brief

Fermilab Family Outdoor Fair attracts hundreds on Sunday

Children at the Family Outdoor Fair sweep for insects. Photo: Cindy Arnold
Father and son act as a gnomon for a sundial, using the shadow to determine the time of day. Photo: Cindy Arnold
A pair of kids delight in a tadpole caught by netting in the nearby pond. Photo: Cindy Arnold

About 400 children and adults attended the annual Fermilab Family Outdoor Fair on Sunday, June 14, to visit bison, sweep for insects and study bird bones.

The fairly sunny and warm weather also allowed attendees to view the sun through telescopes with the help of Naperville Astronomical Association volunteers.

The event was a success. One mother commented, "I changed my work day so I could attend the fair with my son. I wouldn't miss it."

In the News

INFN: Discovery of the tau neutrino appearance

From Interactions.org, June 16, 2015

The OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) international experiment at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) Gran Sasso Laboratory (Italy) has detected the fifth occurrence of a tau neutrino. The neutrino started its flight at CERN as muon neutrino and, after traveling 730 km through the Earth, it arrived at Gran Sasso Laboratories showing up as a tau neutrino. This important result was announced yesterday during a seminar held at the Gran Sasso Laboratories. According to the spokesperson of the international research team, Giovanni De Lellis from Federico II University and INFN in Naples, "The detection of a fifth tau neutrino is extremely important: the direct observation of the transition from muon to tau neutrinos has now achieved for the first time the 5 sigma statistical precision, the usual particle physics threshold for a discovery. We can thus definitely report the discovery of the appearance of tau neutrinos in a muon neutrino beam."

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Director's Corner

Users Meeting 2015

Fermilab Director
Nigel Lockyer

Every June, scientists from around the world come to Fermilab for our annual Users Meeting. Last week almost 500 scientists attended the 48th such meeting, including many students and postdocs who are spending a significant portion of their summer here at Fermilab to do research.

Our progress in transitioning from the Tevatron era to a P5-aligned research program focused on neutrinos, the LHC and muons is evident in the list of more than 40 talks given at this year's meeting. And judging by the roughly 350 new users who have signed up with Fermilab this year, we are on the right track.

This is an important year for the particle physics community as Fermilab prepares to host LBNF and DUNE, which will be the first major international science project hosted by DOE. In May, CERN and the United States signed an agreement that opens the way for CERN to participate in experiments hosted in the United States. We now have institutions in 26 countries working on DUNE. At the Users Meeting, Laura Fields and Elaine McCluskey gave talks on the status of DUNE and LBNF. In addition, Lionel Prost outlined the plans for PIP-II, which will upgrade our accelerator complex to enable us to deliver more neutrino beam for our flagship experiment.

Glen Crawford, DOE, and Jim Shank, NSF, presented the view from the funding agencies' perspective and highlighted the investments that the agencies make in high-energy physics projects. This includes funding of advances in accelerator technologies and advanced scientific computing.

I'd like to thank Bill Louis, Bill Lee, Thomas Strauss and the rest of the Users Executive Committee for organizing a terrific Users Meeting program and our Italian collaborators for a wonderful Festa Italiana on the opening night of the meeting. A big thank you also goes to the members of our Conference Office.

Editor's note: Videos of the Users Meeting talks are available on the Fermilab Visual Media Services website. Mark the video box and use the search term "Users2015".

Photos of the Day

The great blue heron reflects

A great blue heron enjoys its time in the pond in front of Wilson Hall. Photo: Bridget Scerini, TD
This one was spotted at Bulrush Pond. Photo: Bridget Scerini, TD
This composite photo shows a heron taking flight. Photo: Marty Murphy, AD
In the News

Majorana turns on

From Black Hills Pioneer, June 13, 2015

LEAD — Earlier this week, scientists at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead quietly switched on the Majorana Demonstrator, a high-energy physics experiment with the potential to answer a very big question: why does anything exist at all?

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