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Wednesday, Sept. 30

  • Goodbye, Central Helium Liquefier
  • From the Scientific Computing Division: HEPCloud: computing facility evolution for high-energy physics
  • In Brief: Computing Technology Day - Tuesday, Oct. 6
  • Photo of the Day: Hanging rings in the ring
  • Death: In memoriam: Stanley Tawzer
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 29
  • From The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 24, 2015: China's great scientific leap forward

Tuesday, Sept. 29

  • Press Release: Celebrate 40 years of the prairie at Fermilab
  • From the Accelerator Division: Progress on the Indian Institutions and Fermilab Collaboration
  • Photo of the Day: Supermoon
  • In Brief: New members of Users Executive Committee elected
  • In Brief: Science Next Door October newsletter now online
  • From Chicago Tribune, Sept. 26, 2015: Fermilab brings super magnet to life after 10 years

Monday, Sept. 28

  • Accelerator technology could be a driving force in road improvements
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: Actions to avoid
  • Milestone: Jim Wilson retires after 37 years at Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: Moths on the asphalt
  • Milestone: New employees - September
  • From The Daily Beast, Sept. 23, 2015: 5,000 robots will 3D-map dark energy

Friday, Sept. 25

  • From symmetry: Muon g-2 magnet successfully cooled down and powered up
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Subatomic gryphons
  • Video of the Day: Time lapse: Commissioning the Muon g-2 magnet
  • Photo of the Day: Shadow in the sun
  • In Brief: FSPA elections are now open
  • From SLAC, Sept. 23, 2015: Mysterious neutrinos take the stage at SLAC
  • From Live Science, Sept. 23, 2015: Map reveals ghostly antineutrinos lurking within Earth

Thursday, Sept. 24

  • 10,000 Maniacs performs in Ramsey Auditorium Sept. 26
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: More than expected
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: October fitness classes and complimentary wellness
  • In Brief: Pine Street road closure - Saturday
  • Photo of the Day: Swallow perch
  • From Northern Illinois University Newsroom, Sept. 22, 2015: Physics flexes its muscles
  • From Engadget, Sept. 22, 2015: The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument will 3D map the universe

Wednesday, Sept. 23

  • Q&A with Frank Würthwein, Open Science Grid executive director
  • From ESH&Q: Fire Prevention Week
  • Photo of the Day: Green heron
  • In Brief: Lego LHC detectors on display in Fermilab library
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 22
  • From Cosmos, Sept. 21, 2015: Ghost traps: the hunt for dark matter

Tuesday, Sept. 22

  • Profile: One minute with Sandra Biedron, electrical engineer
  • Frontier Science Result: CDMS: The lightness of dark matter
  • Photo of the Day: Wilson Hall at night
  • In Brief: Is STEM truly for all? Fermilab Women's Initiative presents Adrienne Coleman
  • From Berkeley Lab, Sept. 21, 2015: DESI, an ambitious probe of dark energy, achieves its next major milestone
  • From Chicago Tribune, Sept. 20, 2015: Art in the workplace; it's for everyone

Monday, Sept. 21

  • From symmetry: Where the Higgs belongs
  • Video of the Day: Why I love neutrinos
  • Photo of the Day: Sunflowers
  • From Physics, Sept. 18, 2015: Focus: Radio signals may reveal cosmological structure

Friday, Sept. 18

  • From symmetry: Hitting the neutrino floor
  • The one-percenters and those who fake it: Frontier Science Result: MINERvA
  • Photo of the Day: Common buckeye
  • From Scientific American, Sept. 15, 2015: Pentaquarks make their debut

Thursday, Sept. 17

  • In Brief: Women @ Energy features Fermilab employees
  • From symmetry: XMASS continues dark matter debate
  • In Brief: Now accepting nominations for the Fermilab Student and Postdoc Association
  • Photo of the Day: Spider by the meter
  • From Science, Sept. 11, 2015: How neutrinos saved your teeth from cavities
  • From Scientific American, Sept. 15, 2015: How to see the universe through neutrino eyes

Wednesday, Sept. 16

  • Goodbye, Indian Creek Riding Club
  • From the Neutrino Division: Neutrino Division at one: year in review and a look ahead
  • Photos of the Day: Grasping at grass
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 15
  • From Scientific American, Sept. 9, 2015: Two accelerators find particles that may break known laws of physics
  • From Cosmos, Sept. 14, 2015: New model of the cosmos: a universe that begins again

Tuesday, Sept. 15

  • In Brief: Future of Fermilab Address and Reception is a success
  • From the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer: Other people's money: partnering with industry
  • In Brief: Wilson St. access expanded for employees and users
  • Photo of the Day: Venus and the moon
  • From Live Science, Sept. 10, 2015: Could physics' reigning model finally be dethroned?
  • From MIT Technology Review, Sept. 10, 2015: Map of the world's neutrinos exposes nuclear activity wherever it's happening

Monday, Sept. 14

  • Fermilab plays part in NSF-funded accelerator research
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Influenza 2015-16
  • In Brief: Fermilab Fire Department remembers Sept. 11 tragedy
  • Photo of the Day: Wilson Hall look-alike
  • From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Sept. 11, 2015: Best precision yet for neutrino measurements at Daya Bay

Friday, Sept. 11

  • From symmetry: The birth of a black hole, live
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Holes and physics searches
  • Video of the Day: Einstein's clocks
  • Photos of the Day: Turbulence and stability
  • In Brief: All-Experimenters' Meeting on Sept. 14, weekly schedule resumes in October
  • From ars technica, Sept. 8, 2015: Signs of neutrinos from the dawn of time, less than a second after the Big Bang

Thursday, Sept. 10

  • Successful test of single-spoke cavity gives SSR1 team a reason to smile
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: When barns collide
  • In Brief: A top 10 paper claim
  • Photo of the Day: Well, hello there
  • From Cosmos, Sept. 7, 2015: Hunting for dark energy

Wednesday, Sept. 9

  • From symmetry: Scientists below the surface
  • From the CIO: Raising the bar for cybersecurity
  • Milestone: Roger Nehring retires after more than 30 years at Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: Branching out
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 7
  • From CNN, Sept. 4, 2015: Has Stephen Hawking solved the mystery of black holes?

Tuesday, Sept. 8

  • Artist Lindsay Olson talks about Fermilab residency - Sept. 11 in art gallery
  • From the Scientist Advisory Council: Send your nominations for the Scientist Advisory Council
  • Photo of the Day: Chipmunk
  • From Discovery News, Sept. 3, 2015: Particle collider spits out tiny drops of primordial goo

Friday, Sept. 4

  • In Brief: Neutrino FAQs
  • Videos of the Day: Why I love neutrinos
  • From symmetry: Construction approved for world's most powerful digital camera
  • Photo of the Day: Village Green
  • From Gizmodo, Aug. 30, 2015: Antimatter will surf on plasma waves in the particle colliders of the future
  • From The Conversation, Aug. 20, 2015: The search for 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' just got interesting

Thursday, Sept. 3

  • In Brief: Much ado about neutrinos during Neutrino Action Week
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Resonant cavities for the acceleration of charged particles
  • In Brief: IARC room naming contest winner and new OPTT contest
  • Photo of the Day: Main Ring scene
  • From Forbes, Aug. 25, 2015: How quantum symmetry makes solid matter possible
  • From Nature, Sept. 2, 2015: Space station dark-matter experiment hits a glitch

Wednesday, Sept. 2

  • From symmetry: Combined results find Higgs still standard
  • From the Office of Communication: Save the date
  • Milestone: Sue Grommes retires after 36 years at the laboratory
  • Photo of the Day: Prairie breeze
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Aug. 31
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Aug. 31, 2015: Fermilab planning to study neutrinos to understand more about universe

Tuesday, Sept. 1

  • From CERN: ATLAS and CMS experiments shed light on Higgs properties
  • In Brief: Breaking out the blankets at the Technical Division picnic
  • From Quantum Diaries: The Tesla experiment
  • Photo of the Day: Apple picking
  • From Quanta Magazine, Aug. 20, 2015: The case for complex dark matter
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