Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Tuesday, April 30

3:30 p.m.

4 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar - One West
Speaker: Sergei Nagaitsev and Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab
Title: Luminosity Limitations for Colliders Based on Plasma Accelerations

Wednesday, May 1

3:30 p.m.

4 p.m.
Fermilab Colloquium - One West
Speaker: Douglas MacAyeal, University of Chicago
Title: Energy Sources for Yotta-TeV Iceberg Showers

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Wilson Hall Cafe

Tuesday, April 30

- Breakfast: All-American breakfast
- Minnesota chicken and rice
- Carolina chopped-pork sandwich
- Beef stroganoff
- Smart cuisine: pork piccata
- California turkey panini
- Assorted pizza by the slice
- Taco salad

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, May 1
- Jerk chicken
- Red beans and rice
- Coconut flan

Friday, May 3

Chez Leon menu
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From symmetry

Dark Energy Survey launches new photo blog

Scientists on the Dark Energy Survey have started posting weekly photos taken by and of the world's most powerful digital camera. Photo: Reidar Hahn

What would it be like to peer billions of years into the past, viewing hundreds of millions of galaxies, some billions of light years away? What would it feel like to be part of a team trying to uncover the secrets of our universe?

Starting this week, the Dark Energy Survey team invites you to find out by following their new photo blog, Dark Energy Detectives. The name refers to the DES collaboration's ongoing hunt for the mysterious stuff known as dark energy, according to post-doctoral researcher Brian Nord, who helped design the new site.

The survey's main tool is the Dark Energy Camera, built in Illinois at Fermilab and now mounted on the 4-meter Blanco telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. It's the most powerful digital survey imaging device in the world, able to see light from stars up to 8 billion light years away and photograph them in previously unimaginable detail.

Each Monday, a new image taken by (or taken of) the Dark Energy Camera will be posted on the Dark Energy Detectives blog. DES scientists will write explanations of each photo, offering glimpses of what it's like to be part of the team working with the camera in the mountains of Chile.

Read more

Andre Salles

In Brief

Fermilab Arbor Day event - Wednesday, May 1

Fermilab's Arbor Day event will take place tomorrow.

Spring is here, and if you've been itching to dig in the dirt and plant a tree or three, now's your chance. This year's Fermilab Arbor Day event will take place Wednesday, May 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The rain date is May 2.

Participants will plant native shrubs just west of Site 38. Bring a shovel if you can. A hot-dog lunch will be provided.

Please carpool and park along the south side of old Batavia Road or take a taxi. Do not park along Road B. Visit the Fermilab Arbor Day Web page for a map of the area.

Fermi Research Alliance and Fermilab Natural Areas make this planting possible. Call Roads and Grounds at x3303 with questions.

Photos of the Day

Proud as a turkey vulture

A turkey vulture recently visited BEG. Photo: Barb Kristen, PPD
It checked itself out in the windows of the building. What a fetching fowl! Photo: Barb Kristen, PPD
In the News

UK firm buys cancer-zapping spin-off from CERN collider

From Reuters, April 24, 2013

(Reuters) - The giant particle-smashing machine run by CERN outside Geneva is not only unravelling the mysteries of the universe, it may also be opening up new avenues to treat cancer.

Now a small British company, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO.L), aims to tap into that know-how through a small deal announced on Wednesday to acquire a CERN spin-off business developing new forms of radiotherapy to fight tumours.

Read more

Director's Corner

All-hands meeting video

On April 25, Fermilab Director Pier Oddone led an all-hands meeting to discuss the current state of the laboratory. A video of his presentation is now online.

Director Oddone is on vacation. The Director's Corner will return next week.

Construction Update

Load-testing the 5-ton crane inside the LArTF

A technician from Sievert Electric is performing a required load-test of the crane inside the Liquid-Argon Test Facility. Photo: Dixon Bogert, PPD

Whittaker Construction Company, contracted to construct the Liquid-Argon Test Facility, and their crane subcontractor, Sievert Electric, have completed the installation of the 5-ton interior building crane. Following the installation, workers performed a required 125 percent engineered load-test to certify the operation of the crane, as shown above. Workers transported the load over the entire accessible region of the crane system. They also lowered the load about 57 feet to the lower lever of the LArTF and then lifted it back up.

Contractors have essentially finished the construction of the LArTF. Beneficial occupancy is expected the first week of May.

The lower level of the LArTF is essentially complete and ready for the installation of the liquid-argon refrigeration system. Photo: Cindy Arnold
The upper and intermediate levels of the LArTF are essentially complete and ready for occupancy. Photo: Cindy Arnold

Today's New Announcements

Artwork pick-up - May 8 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Changes to U.S. visa procedures - begin today

Permanent residence presentation by Chicago attorneys - May 1

Coed Softball League season opener - May 1

National Day of Prayer Observance - May 2

English country dancing Sunday afternoons at Kuhn Barn - May 5 and May 19

LabVIEW classes scheduled - May 10 and June 13

Hubbard Street 2 Dance - Fermilab Arts Series - May 11

Lecture: Big Science, Big Challenges - May 16

OneNote 2010 class offered - May 22

All-hands meeting video now available

46th Fermilab Users Meeting registration now open

Fermilab-CERN Hadron Collider Physics Summer School open for applications

Open gym basketball Tuesday evenings

Indoor soccer

Fermilab Golf League

Indian Creek Riding Club

International folk dancing meets Thursday evenings in Kuhn Barn

Scottish country dancing meets Tuesday evenings in Kuhn Barn

Fermilab lost-and-found is in Communication Center, WH GF

Free movie pass with Smart Cuisine purchase in Cafe

Chicago Fire discount tickets