Monday, Dec. 10, 2012

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Monday, Dec. 10

2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - One West
Speaker: Yookyung Noh, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Filamentary Environment and Mass Measurements of Galaxy Clusters

3:30 p.m.


Tuesday, Dec. 11

3:30 p.m.


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Wilson Hall Cafe

Monday, Dec. 10

- Breakfast: oatmeal raisin pancakes
- Bourbon Street gumbo
- The Fermi Burger
- Veal parmesan
- Smart cuisine: country baked chicken
- Classic club sandwich
- Assorted pizza
- Cantonese sweet and sour chicken

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, Dec. 12
- Shepherd's pie
- Field greens with cranberries and walnuts
- Cocoa cappuccino mousse with cookies

Friday, Dec. 14
Guest chef: Marty Murphy
- Spinach and pomegranate salad
- Surf and turf
- Vegetable risotto
- Cheesecake a la Marty

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Fermilab scientists selected as APS fellows

Last month, five Fermilab scientists were named fellows of the American Physical Society, a distinction awarded each year to no more than one-half of 1 percent of current APS members by their peers.

Emanuela Barzi was named a 2012 fellow to the Forum on International Physics. Douglas Glenzinski and Ronald Lipton were named fellows to the Division of Particles and Fields. Stuart Henderson and Valeri Lebedev were named fellows to the Division of Physics of Beams.

Emanuela Barzi

For her innovations in the development of advanced superconductors, her continuous efforts in promoting international scientific collaborations and her unwavering mentoring of U.S. and Italian students.

Douglas Glenzinski

For his leadership on many levels of the CDF experiment, including the construction and commissioning of the intermediate silicon detector (ISL) effort, his service as physics coordinator, as well as his many physics contributions to the characterization of the top quark and search for new physics in the Bs channel.

Stuart Henderson

For leadership in the construction and commissioning of the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and in particular for leading the effort to bring the SNS into full operational status with a beam power in excess of 1 megawatt.

Valeri Lebedev

For significant contributions to the accelerator physics underlying the outstanding performance of the Tevatron collider complex and the successful commissioning of the CEBAF at Jefferson Lab.

Ronald Lipton

For his numerous fundamental contributions to the development of silicon detectors, which provided particle physics with discoveries of new particles containing b quarks and the observation of unique processes with b quarks in the final states.

Photo of the Day

Great Nebula in Orion

To capture the Great Nebula in Orion (M-42; NGC-1976) Tuesday night, Marty Murphy, AD, stacked 18 15-second images of the nebula using a 600-millimeter f/8 telephoto lens. The camera and lens were piggy-backed on a large telescope for tracking during the long exposures. This nebula is faintly visible to the naked eye in dark sky. It is situated in the middle of Orion's dagger.
In the News

Strict limit on CPT violation from gamma-ray bursts

From Kavli IPMU, Dec. 7, 2012

Kenji Toma (Osaka Univ.), Shinji Mukohyama (Kavli IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo), Daisuke Yonetoku (Kanazawa Univ.) and their colleagues have used the photon polarization in three distant gamma-ray bursts detected by Japanese spacecraft as evidence that the polarization did not rotate during its long journey. This lack of rotation puts the most stringent constraints yet on the violation of a fundamental symmetry. This work is going to be published and highlighted in Physical Review Letters.

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In the News

U.S. advisers seek research overhaul

From Nature, Dec. 4, 2012

Eric Isaacs got some high-level validation last week. The director of Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois, Isaacs had enlisted two industrial giants—Dow Chemical and Johnson Controls—to help with the basic research for a lithium-air battery that could one day match the energy density of petrol. "You have to have every¬≠one working together very early on," he says.

On 30 November, the same day that Argonne received US$120 million from the Department of Energy to lead a national energy-storage research centre, science advisers to US President Barack Obama were praising the idea of national labs partnering more often with industry.

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Tip of the Week:
Quality Assurance

Work process controls

Quality assurance representatives recently completed work processes assessments at the laboratory.

The Office of Quality and Best Practices is pleased to report the successful completion of Fermilab's work processes assessment.

Between April and September 2012, OQBP, along with division/section/center quality assurance representatives (D/S/C QARs), completed a series of work processes assessments. They evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of quality assurance controls for work processes in three Fermilab sections. Assessment teams comprising D/S/C QARs and OQBP quality assurance engineers conducted the assessments by interview, observation and examination of documents, databases, records and Individual Training Needs Assessments. The assessment teams reviewed nuclear materials control and accountability (ESH&Q), receiving (BSS) and compensation (FI) work processes to determine compliance with quality requirements and effectiveness of implementation. In the course of the assessments, the teams interviewed 12 individuals.

The results show that the work processes reviewed in the sections assessed met and effectively implemented the work processes requirements specified in Chapter Five of the Integrated Quality Assurance document. All three sections assessed had effectively implemented local documented procedures to control the work they performed. Although document and records control issues were identified within the assessed organizations, they were isolated and therefore were not classified as findings of noncompliance.

Based on a limited sampling of Fermilab work processes, these are very good results. In addition to those listed in the Integrated Quality Assurance Document, work process procedures may be available within each D/S/C. Contact your quality assurance representative if you have questions about work process control or to see what resources may be available.

Thomas King, senior quality assurance engineer

From ESH&Q

Updated suspect/counterfeit training

Suspect/counterfeit items (S/CI) continue to be identified on a routine basis at Fermilab and throughout the DOE complex. It is important for laboratory staff to remain vigilant and knowledgeable about ways to prevent S/CI from being used. Fermilab has streamlined and improved its S/CI training, and thus two revised courses are available depending on job responsibilities.

  • Suspect/Counterfeit Item Identification (TRAIN course FN000415) develops an awareness of key indicators of S/CI components and the individual's role in identification of S/CI. This course is intended for the first-line receivers, installers and users of potential S/CI.
  • Suspect/Counterfeit Item Program (course FN000416) develops knowledge of the scope of S/CI issues and the Fermilab and DOE procedures for preventing S/CI from being introduced. This course is intended for those who require a general knowledge of at-risk S/CI components and the Fermilab S/CI control procedures.

Both courses are now available online. Supervisors should review their employees' ITNAs to ensure that S/CI training is listed for those who require it.


LBNE beamline

Due to an editing error, Friday's Physics in a Nutshell column incorrectly stated that the proposed LBNE beamline would run from Fermilab to Minnesota. In fact, the LBNE beamline would be directed to South Dakota. The updated version of the article is here.


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Director search town hall meeting - Dec. 11

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Physics for Everyone lecture - Dec. 12

Budker Seminar - today

Fermilab Heartland Blood Drive - today and tomorrow

AFS passwords to be discontinued - Dec. 11

Clearance through customs (also streamed live) - Dec. 13

Fermilab's Holiday Celebration - Dec. 13

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