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Thursday, May 31

  • Straight from the farm: Fermilab's agriculture program
  • Result of the Week: Watching the strong force run
  • Special Announcement: Walking tour of transitional habitat - today
  • Photo of the Day: Employees graduate from Walk 2 Run program
  • From The Washington Post, May 30, 2012: New underground lab turns S. Dakota gold town into scientific hub in search for 'dark matter'

Wednesday, May 30

  • Ristori to take over as CDF co-spokesperson
  • From the Particle Physics Division: DECam team celebrates completion of project
  • University Profile: State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, May 29
  • From Nature, May 23, 2012: Particle physics: A reminder of the beauty we know

Tuesday, May 29

  • Brendan Casey receives DOE award for muon research
  • Director's Corner: Join the Tevatron celebration
  • Photo of the Day: Busy bees have a picnic
  • Special Announcement: Garden plots available at Fermilab
  • From Sanford Underground Research Facility's Deep thoughts, May 22, 2012: Yates running, dedication coming

Friday, May 25

  • Wellness Feature of the Month: June wellness offerings, fitness classes and employee discounts
  • CMS Result: Searching for the next generation
  • What is the meaning of SaaS?
  • From Nature, May 23, 2012: Gran Sasso: Chamber of physics

Thursday, May 24

  • 45th Users' Meeting highlights results, looks to the future
  • Result of the Week: W-spin measured in a low-background environment
  • Special Announcement: Undergraduate Lecture Series begins next Tuesday
  • Special Announcement: Ecology bus tour - June 1
  • From Nature, May 23, 2012: Like attracts like?
  • From ars technica, May 21, 2012: Disentangling the wave-particle duality in the double-slit experiment

Wednesday, May 23

  • Proton Improvement Plan for accelerator reliability
  • From the DOE Fermi Site Office: Fermi Site Office update
  • University Profile: University of Houston
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, May 22
  • In Brief: After-hours shuttle trial extended through June
  • From Fermi Natural Areas News, May/June 2012: Our unusual prescribed burn season

Tuesday, May 22

  • Driving the magnet revolution for future accelerators
  • Director's Corner: SNOLAB inauguration
  • Milestone: Lederman presented with lightsaber at colloquium
  • In Brief: New lecture series and site tours for Fermilab employees
  • From The New York Times, May 22, 2012: American physics dreams deferred

Monday, May 21

  • A new chief operating officer for Fermilab
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Computer Security: The computer security team and you
  • In Brief: FRA scholarships awarded
  • Photo of the Day: Walking and rolling around the ring
  • From The Beacon News, May 16, 2012: IMSA founder, Nobel winner honored before retirement

Friday, May 18

  • Newly completed cryomodule transported to NML
  • Physics in a Nutshell: It's a colorful world...
  • From The Beacon News, May 16, 2012: Fermi: Tritium levels in water not an issue
  • From Berkeley Lab News Center, May 16, 2012: MAJORANA, the search for the most elusive neutrino of all

Thursday, May 17

  • From symmetry breaking: Scientists celebrate completion of underground physics laboratory
  • Result of the Week: Higgs search leaves no stone unturned
  • Roland Kulla's work on display in Fermilab Art Gallery
  • In Brief: Strategic Collaborative Initiative: call for proposals
  • From symmetry breaking, May 16, 2012: Thursday: Chat with physicists on Twitter

Wednesday, May 16

  • Special Announcement: Physics for Everyone - today
  • From WDRS: Reviewing a year of service
  • University Profile: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, May 15
  • From, May 15, 2012: Research on neutrinos allows the discovery of vortices in the abysses of the eastern Mediterranean
  • From Wired, May 15, 2012: Chinese physicists smash quantum teleportation record

Tuesday, May 15

  • From the DOE Website: Lab Breakthrough: Fermilab Accelerator Technology
  • Director's Corner: Kudos to our award winners
  • Special Announcement: Fermilab central websites and AFS outage - May 17
  • From Technology Review blog, May 14, 2012: Antimatter propulsion engine redesigned using CERN's particle physics simulation toolkit

Monday, May 14

  • Special Announcement: Tevatron Symposium - June 11
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Health: MRSA: scary news item is controllable with prevention
  • Special Announcement: Physics for Everyone - May 16
  • Recycling helium and argon for future experiments
  • In Brief: 11th Argonne-Uchicago-Fermilab collaboration meeting
  • From Berkeley Lab News Center, May 8, 2012: A new accelerator to study steps on the path to fusion

Friday, May 11

  • Milestone: Four Fermilab-affiliated researchers receive prestigious DOE awards
  • CMS Result: The consistency of quark soup
  • Special Announcement: In recognition of 30 years of laboratory service
  • From symmetry: Explain it in 60 seconds: The muon
  • From SLAC Today, May 9, 2012: Physicists, start your searches: INSPIRE database now online

Thursday, May 10

  • New Fermilab Today editor
  • Result of the Week: Tools of the trade for Higgs boson searches
  • Milestone: Retirement: Shirley Culhane
  • Photo of the Day: Operator Marty Murphy serves as guest chef at Chez Leon
  • From The Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2012: Department of Energy funds to help start medical isotope plant in Janesville
  • From New Scientist Blog, May 9, 2012: Supernovae can be casual sippers or violent rippers

Wednesday, May 9

  • Special Announcement: Vacuum exhibition - May 10
  • From the ES&H section: Why horrible things can happen to good people
  • In Brief: MeetingMaker to be replaced by laboratory-wide calendar
  • University Profile: Florida State University
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, May 8
  • From, May 7, 2012: Earth-like alien planets unlikely around stars with 'hot Jupiters'
  • From Nature News, May 8, 2012: A boost for quantum reality

Tuesday, May 8

  • Special Announcement: SSVSP information sessions - May 9 and May 16
  • Director's Corner: Attention to safety
  • From symmetry: Particle physics and your ride
  • Special Announcement: Public tours of MINOS Underground Areas suspended starting May 14
  • Photo of the Day: Argiculture at Fermilab
  • In Brief: New and improved stock catalog moved to ServiceNow
  • From SaaS in the Enterprise, May 4, 2012: Fermilab explores SaaS

Monday, May 7

  • From symmetry: One degree of separation: The Vietnam connection
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Ecology: The ecological value of Fermilab's wetlands
  • In Brief: A simple way to save money
  • From Nature, May 4, 2012: LHC prepares for data pile-up

Friday, May 4

  • Special Director's Corner: Workforce reduction
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Quarks and gluons and partons, oh my…
  • Scientists present revised plans for Project X
  • Death: In memoriam: Bob Thomas
  • From Nature, May 2, 2012: Black holes: Star ripped to shreds

Thursday, May 3

  • Video of the Day: Video of NOvA dedication at Ash River available online
  • Result of the Week: Do top quarks consult the constellations?
  • Muon g-2 off to a running start
  • From Nature, May 2, 2012: Neutrino project changes focus
  • From, May 1, 2012: Insights from the classical atom

Wednesday, May 2

  • From symmetry magazine: symmetry available online
  • From the Core Computing Division: Managed-services contract
  • University Profile: Rutgers University
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, May 1
  • From ScienceDaily, April 30, 2012: Remarkable outburst seen from old black hole
  • From New Scientist, May 1, 2012: LHC gets first glimpse of excited baryon

Tuesday, May 1

  • IARC construction contract awarded for main building
  • Director's Corner: Inauguration of the NOvA facility in Ash River, Minn.
  • Photo of the Day: Liquid Argon Test Facility construction progresses
  • Save the Date: DASTOW 2012 - June 20
  • Accelerator Update: April 27-30
  • From, April 28, 2012: Super-collider team discovers new subatomic particle
  • From, April 30, 2012: Quantum entanglement can reach into the past
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