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Tuesday, Jan. 31

  • Fermilab sounds debut in "Alternative Energy"
  • Director's Corner: URA Council of Presidents
  • Accelerator Update: Jan 27-30
  • From the University of California at Riverside newsroom, Jan. 26, 2012: Does antimatter weigh more than matter?
  • From, Jan. 26, 2012: Wacky physics: Why do particles have flavors?

Monday, Jan. 30

  • Video of the Day: Innovation at Fermilab: LArTF groundbreaking video
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Safety: Near misses can help you hit the mark for safety
  • Accelerator Update: Jan 25-27
  • From SLAC Today: Accelerator Science Fellowships Benefit Ph.D.s and LHC
  • From the Nature News, Jan. 27, 2012: US physicists call for underground neutrino facility

Friday, Jan. 27

  • Video of the Day: Missed the IARC ground breaking? Watch it here.
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Dark matter: Are you serious?
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: February wellness offerings, open athletic leagues and employee discounts
  • From the Chicago Tribune, Jan. 25, 2012: Cosmic adventures for kids at Fermilab

Thursday, Jan. 26

  • Photo of the Day: Congressional tour of accelerator R&D facilities
  • Result of the Week: Top quark mass team wages war on two fronts
  • Condo for rent with lake view; feathered tenant preferred
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 23-25
  • From Quantum Diaries: Fermilab restores savannas, helps wildlife
  • From ars technica, Jan. 25, 2012: A quantum speed limit: how fast does quantum information flow through a lattice?

Wednesday, Jan. 25

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Colloquium with Hugh Montgomery - today
  • From the Core Computing Division: Greener, better computing
  • From ILC NewsLine: Pushing technology, expanding industry
  • From symmetry breaking: Scientists finish installation of 80-ton 'particle thermometer' at ALICE detector
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Jan. 24
  • From The Telegraph, Jan. 24, 2012: Astronomy: we've all got stars in our eyes

Tuesday, Jan. 24

  • Innovation at Fermilab: Liquid Argon Test Facility
  • Director's Corner: Next step for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment
  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Colloquium with Hugh Montgomery - Jan. 25
  • Correction: Correction: Fermilab Tuition Assistance Program recipients
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 20-23
  • From the Vienna University of Technology, Jan. 23, 2012: The perfect liquid - now even more perfect
  • From The Independent, Jan. 19, 2012: Research matters: Behind every breakthrough lies first-class infrastructure

Monday, Jan. 23

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab's "Plan for Discovery"
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Health: Don't let fixing pain turn deadly
  • Lecture Series: Rocky Kolb captivates audience
  • Accelerator Update: Jan 18-20
  • From symmetry breaking: Cutting-edge accelerator design gets results 60 years later

Friday, Jan. 20

  • New GPUs power through complex QCD calculations
  • CMS Result: One jet, two jets, three..
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab's Tuition Assistance Program degree recipients
  • From New Scientist, Jan. 16, 2012: Superstuff: When quantum goes big
  • From, Jan. 16, 2012: Decoding cosmological data could shed light on neutrinos, modified gravity

Thursday, Jan. 19

  • Special Announcement: DuRA meeting - today
  • Result of the Week: More measurements, but the upsilon spin still mysterious
  • From the Accelerator Task Force: Accelerator technology applications for society
  • In Brief: Voicemail upgrade - Jan. 21
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 16-18
  • From Scientific American, Jan. 17, 2012: Is space digital?

Wednesday, Jan. 18

  • In Brief: DuRA meeting - Jan. 19
  • From the Finance Section: Streamlining travel plans
  • Special Announcement: Free shuttle service available Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Jan. 17
  • From SLAC Today: Obama honors Burton Richter with prestigious Enrico Fermi Award
  • From ScienceNews, Jan. 13, 2012: String theorists squeeze nine dimensions into three

Tuesday, Jan. 17

  • Photo of the Day: Jan. 13: UK-USA workshop
  • Director's Corner: Proton Accelerators for Science and Innovation
  • Fermilab hosts CMS data analysis school
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 11-13
  • From, Jan. 13, 2012: Copper collisions create much strangeness

Friday, Jan. 13

  • Propagation of photons
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Origins of mass: It's not what you think
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab's morning frost
  • From symmetry breaking: Calling young scientists: Google teams up with CERN and Fermilab for 2012 science fair

Thursday, Jan. 12

  • Video: Assembly of prototype blocks for NOvA detector
  • Result of the Week: Do extra dimensions hide under our toes?
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 9-11
  • From symmetry breaking: Belle experiment makes exotic discovery
  • From, Jan. 11, 2012: Three new maps shine light on dark matter
  • From The Japan Times, Jan. 8, 2012: Japan's Super-K to resume seeking why anything exists

Wednesday, Jan. 11

  • Special Announcement: Today's "Physics for Everyone" lecture rescheduled
  • From the Center for Particle Astrophysics: Happy new year from the Cosmic Frontier
  • Patty McBride heads CMS Center for US LHC
  • In Brief: Mu2e website launched
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Jan. 10
  • From Quantum Diaries: Why you should care about SDSS's giant dark matter map

Tuesday, Jan. 10

  • Rob Roser: New head of Scientific Computing
  • Director's Corner: Leveraging technologies
  • In Brief: FermiMail migration update
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 6-9

Monday, Jan. 9

  • Special Announcement: Some Fermilab site roads closed starting today
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Avoid "Not Invented Here" syndrome at Fermilab
  • New director of the Muon Accelerator Program
  • Special Announcement: Jan. 11 "Physics for Everyone" lecture rescheduled
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 4-6
  • From BBC News, Jan. 4, 2012: Neutrino hunting underwater telescopes probe origins

Friday, Jan. 6

  • Special Announcement: Special seminar - today
  • CMS Result: Welcome, 2012!
  • Milestone: Sergei Denisov elected academician by Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Video of the Day: Cedar Block visits Fermilab
  • Milestone: Fermilab scientist emeriti
  • Special Announcement: Some Fermilab site roads closed starting Jan. 9
  • From ILC NewsLine: Advancing superconducting accelerating technology
  • From Nature, Jan. 5, 2012: Frontier experiments: Tough science

Thursday, Jan. 5

  • Special Announcement: Paul Alivisatos lecture - today
  • Result of the Week: Searching for new physics with Z bosons
  • First successful test run for J-PARC after earthquake
  • Photo of the Day; Playgroup holiday party
  • Accelerator Update: Jan. 2-4
  • From Nature, Jan. 4, 2012: Survey tunes in to dark energy
  • From ScienceNews, Dec. 30, 2011: Neutrino parents call into question faster-than-light results

Wednesday, Jan. 4

  • Special Announcement: Paul Alivisatos lecture - Jan. 5
  • From the Computing Division: Teamcenter is almost here
  • From symmetry breaking: LHC heads into new year with first particle discovery
  • Accelerator Update: Dec. 28 - Jan. 2
  • From USA Today, Jan. 2, 2012: International Linear Collider race starts in physics
  • From, Dec. 23, 2011: AAAS members elected as fellows

Tuesday, Jan. 3

  • Milestone: Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim elected AAAS fellow
  • Director's Corner: The new year
  • Milestone: Retirement: Barry Fritz
  • Photo of the Day: Winter sunset at Fermilab
  • Accelerator Update: Dec. 21-28
  • From Quantum Diaries: Science with ties to Fermilab top year-end 'best of' lists
  • From, Dec. 27, 2011: Water street studios fuses with Fermilab for next art show, "Energy"
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