Archive: August 2012

Friday, Aug. 31

  • From symmetry breaking: Summer school gives African students glimpse into lives in physics
  • CMS Result: Science in action
  • Photo of the Day: Breaking ground on Fermilab's physics playground exhibit
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: September wellness offerings, fitness classes and discounts
  • In Brief: Upcoming changes to janitorial service
  • Special Announcement: Exterior window washing at Wilson Hall - Sept. 4 - 7
  • From physics buzz blog, Aug. 28, 2012: 251 years later: Who really discovered Venus' atmosphere?
  • From SLAC News Center, Aug. 28, 2012: A celebration 50 years in the making

Thursday, Aug. 30

  • World-record quality factor achieved at Fermilab
  • Result of the Week: The march to higher and higher precision
  • Special Announcement: Road D closed starting Sept. 4
  • Correction: Chez Leon open on Sept. 5
  • University of Chicago geneticist discusses epigenetics next week
  • From Nature, Aug. 29, 2012: After the Higgs: the new particle landscape

Wednesday, Aug. 29

  • From symmetry breaking: Pierre Auger Observatory tests particle knowledge beyond reach of LHC
  • Director's Corner: This week's HEPAP meeting
  • University Profile: Louisiana Tech University
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Aug. 28
  • From Physics World, Aug. 28, 2012: Lessons learned by leading OPERA man

Tuesday, Aug. 28

  • From CERN Bulletin: Small but powerful
  • From WDRS: Revitalizing new-employee orientation
  • Construction Update: Excavating a tunnel to NOvA Near-Detector Hall
  • Photos of the Day: Morning has broken
  • From Physics, Aug. 27, 2012: Viewpoint: Spin-orbit coupling comes in from the cold

Monday, Aug. 27

  • RFQ system to take Fermilab into the Intensity Frontier
  • Tip of the Week: Health: Eat, drink and be healthy
  • Milestone: New employees - August
  • In Brief: Printer assessment begins today
  • From NASA, Aug. 22, 2012: 41 new transiting planets in Kepler field of view
  • From Scientific American, Aug. 24, 2012: Nuclear decelerator: last U.S. particle collider on chopping block

Friday, Aug. 24

  • From symmetry: Deconstruction: Big data
  • Physics in a Nutshell: What is subatomic decay?
  • Photos of the Day: Triathletes cross the finish line
  • From The Economist, Aug. 23, 2012: And now, the space-weather forecast
  • From, Aug. 22, 2012: US telescopes faced with closure

Thursday, Aug. 23

  • Steve Geer is new head of Program Planning Office
  • Result of the Week: DZero measurements will leave lasting impression
  • From isgtw: How to grow a universe - just add a supercomputer
  • Video of the Day: Last chance to vote in TED2013 talent search
  • From New Scientist, Aug. 22, 2012: Higgs boson faces the perils of predictability

Wednesday, Aug. 22

  • NNN12 workshop pushes bounds of particle detector technology
  • From the ES&H Section: Look before you leap
  • University Profile: University of Texas at Arlington
  • Readers Write: A case of mistaken identity
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Aug. 21
  • From The Melbourne Newsroom, Aug. 20, 2012: Big Bang theory challenged by big chill
  • From Los Alamos National Laboratory News Center, Aug. 20, 2012: Laser research shows promise for cancer treatment

Tuesday, Aug. 21

  • So long, Cockcroft-Walton
  • Director's Corner: Laboratory-wide survey on ES&H culture
  • Construction Update: CMTF Compressor Building fills up
  • Photo of the Day: Lotus ring pond
  • From Wired UK, Aug. 15, 2012: Astrophysicists simulate 14 billion years of cosmic evolution in high resolution

Monday, Aug. 20

  • Bardeen Program welcomes Kavin Ammigan to Fermilab
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Our children depend on our safe driving
  • In Brief: New anti-virus, anti-spam system
  • From Morton Grove Champion, Aug. 16, 2012: Mr. Freeze to wow kids with science
  • From BBC News, Aug. 15, 2012: System could warn of solar storms

Friday, Aug. 17

  • From symmetry breaking: Experiments reveal new techniques in studying quark-gluon plasma
  • CMS Result: Taking them all on at once
  • In Brief: White House congratulates US CMS, US ATLAS on recent particle discovery
  • Photo of the Day: Hadron Collider Physics School summer students
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Aug. 16, 2012: Slice of life: A scientific mind

Thursday, Aug. 16

  • From symmetry: Particle physics tames big data
  • Special Result of the Week: The search for new physics in Fermilab's Booster neutrino beamline
  • In Brief: Microsoft home use and e-learning
  • From Brookhaven Today, Aug. 13, 2012: Quark Matter's connection with the Higgs
  • From Physics, Aug. 14, 2012: Viewpoint: a fuller picture of the Higgs boson

Wednesday, Aug. 15

  • Klystron six-cavity test shows promise for lower-cost linacs
  • From WDRS: Upcoming retirement plan fee disclosures
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Aug. 14
  • University Profile: Texas Tech University
  • From Nature News Blog, August 13, 2012: Hot stuff: CERN physicists create record-breaking subatomic soup
  • From Berkeley Lab News Center, August 8, 2012: The first public data release from BOSS, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey

Tuesday, Aug. 14

  • Fermilab says good-bye to Fire Chief Steinhoff, welcomes Chuck Kuhn
  • Director's Corner: On vacation
  • Construction Update: Grade beam and elevator shaft work under way at IARC
  • From Brookhaven National Laboratory News, Aug. 13, 2012: Closing in on the border between primordial plasma and ordinary matter

Monday, Aug. 13

  • From symmetry breaking: Proposed neutrino experiment bounces back, ready to move on
  • Tip of the Week: Quality Assurance: Suspect and counterfeit items: Know your product
  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Today Higgs week special online
  • From Reuters, Aug. 9, 2012: Beyond Higgs, CERN searches for unseen particle world

Friday, Aug. 10

  • In Brief: Fermilab-University investigators receive $375,000 in collaborative seed grants
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Breaking supersymmetry
  • Photo of the Day: Korea-U.S. Collaboration Center opens at Fermilab
  • From the University of Sussex, Aug. 9, 2012: Young researchers win European grants worth €3m

Thursday, Aug. 9

  • From Quantum Diaries: It's nus to me about those experiment names
  • Result of the Week: Single most precise measurement of the top quark mass
  • Photo of the Day: QuarkNet students at Fermilab
  • From Argonne National Laboratory, Aug. 3, 2012: Award-winning technology provides a breakthrough in particle physics

Wednesday, Aug. 8

  • Hadron Collider School engages new generation of particle physicists
  • From the Accelerator Division: How ALARA minimizes radiological exposure
  • University Profile: University of Notre Dame
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, Aug. 7
  • From The New York Times, Aug. 6, 2012: After particle search, some wallets may lose mass

Tuesday, Aug. 7

  • From symmetry: Voyage into the unknown
  • Director's Corner: Shutdown progress
  • Construction Update: Temporary work deck platforms at LArTF
  • Photo of the Day: High-pitched hawk
  • From SLAC News Center, Aug. 6, 2012: Taking some guesswork out of high-energy physics

Monday, Aug. 6

  • Rafael Coll receives 2011 Industrial Hygiene Award
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: Staying ahead of the bad guys
  • Photo of the Day: Wilson Hall in chiaroscuro
  • From NPR, Aug. 3, 2012: At old mine, hopes of striking gold with dark matter

Friday, Aug. 3

  • From symmetry: symmetry available online
  • CMS Result: Old-school electroweak
  • From symmetry breaking: Physicists show strengthened signals of Higgs-like particle in publications
  • From Nature News Blog, Aug. 3, 2012: Fermilab director steps down
  • From, Aug. 1, 2012: Cosmic rays still mysterious 100 years after discovery

Thursday, Aug. 2

  • Special Director's Corner: A transition
  • Result of the Week: Tevatron publishes evidence in search for a Higgs
  • In Brief: ATLAS and CMS submit Higgs-search papers
  • Special Announcement: Road D closed Aug. 6-9
  • From The New York Times, July 31, 2012: Nine scientists receive a new physics prize

Wednesday, Aug. 1

  • From symmetry breaking: Introducing... the Particle Olympics!
  • From the Core Computing Division: Fermilab moves toward next-generation Internet protocol
  • University Profile: Purdue University
  • ES&H Update: Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle program starts today
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, July 31
  • From The Guardian, July 30, 2012: Higgs boson: the definite article?
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