Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28
2:30 p.m.
Particle Astrophysics Seminar - One West
Speaker: Shunsaku Horiuchi, Ohio State University
Title: Peering Into Supernovae with Neutrinos and Gamma Rays
3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.
All Experimenters' Meeting - Curia II
Special Topics: Centrifugal Barrel Polishing of SC rf Cavities; COUPP-2L at SNOLAB; NuMI Target Updates

Tuesday, March 29
3:30 p.m.

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Monday, March 28
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- Corned beef reuben
- Roast pork loin
- Lasagna
- Chicken wrap with pineapple
- Assorted sliced pizza
- Pacific rim rice bowl

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Wednesday, March 30
- Vietnamese caramelized pork and rice
- Noodle salad
- Banana cake

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Mike Lindgren named head of Particle Physics Division

Mike Lindgren

Fermilab scientist Mike Lindgren has been appointed as head of the laboratory’s Particle Physics Division.

“Mike is an outstanding choice to lead PPD,” said Associate Director for Research Greg Bock. “The division is in very good hands.”

In the letter announcing Lindgren’s appointment, Fermilab Director Pier Oddone said he was “delighted and impressed” with Lindgren’s leadership. Lindgren has held leadership positions within the division during the past few years, including most recently as acting head.

During these years, the division's accomplishments have included the most successful run of the Tevatron experiments, the completion of the MINERvA construction project and the construction of the Dark Energy Survey experiment.

“The Tevatron experiments, CDF and DZero, have been a major focus of our science mission for the past 25 years,” Lindgren said. “The shift from operating those experiments and completing that science program, while ramping up the LHC and Intensity Frontier efforts, will make for an exciting time for the division and laboratory.”

Lindgren started working as a scientist at the laboratory in June of 2004. He was promoted to CDF department head in May 2005, and then to scientist II in 2006. He served as acting deputy head of the division from August 2008 to September 2009 when Bock was acting head.

“Mike is taking this position at a challenging time. We have more experiments running now than at any time in the recent past,” Bock said. “But Mike is an exceptionally good leader, who is very experienced in experimental physics technology and project management.”

The division has important roles in all three research frontiers, and Lindgren recognizes the challenges ahead.

“Fortunately, we have many tremendously talented and hardworking people who are deeply committed to the laboratory’s success and the science we do,” Lindgren said. “It will be a privilege to work for them and the laboratory in this role.”

-- Rhianna Wisniewski

In the News

Fermi’s annual ‘Wonders’ makes science fun

From Daily Herald, March 27, 2011

George Popovich and his 10-year-old son, Andy, stood on the stage of Ramsey Auditorium at Fermilab Sunday, holding a long fluorescent light bulb and looking afraid.

Lee Marek, a retired high school science teacher, was in the middle of a demonstration about Tesla coils at the national laboratory’s 24th annual Wonders of Science event in Batavia — the Popoviches, of Palatine, were audience volunteers.

“This is like rubbing your feet across the rug for 5,000 miles and then touching a light switch,” Marek said about the Tesla coil.

Marek jokingly warned the father and son not to let go or face bodily harm. Then he flipped the switch on the coil, lighting the bulb without even touching it.

An audience of at least 600 people, mostly age 7-12, erupted in cheers. The Popoviches returned to their seats, grateful to be all in one piece.

It was just one of many science experiments Marek and co-presenters Karl Craddock and Jim Effinger demonstrated for the audience in their one-hour show dedicated to light.

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ES&H Tip of the Week: Quality

You may play a role in quality assessments

Fermilab's Office of Quality and Best Practices has an assessment program you might be asked to participate in.

We are all subject to assessments as we go through life. Doctor check-ups, school exams, credit checks and job interviews, to name a few. At Fermilab we also conduct quality assessments, that focus on the implementation of management systems, not individuals. These assessments are required contractually by the Department of Energy.

In order to efficiently carry out these reviews at Fermilab, the Office of Quality and Best Practices, or OQBP, has developed an assessment program. This program consists of internal assessments of Fermilab organizations and systems by trained and qualified assessors. These assessors are OQBP quality engineers and division, section and center quality assurance representatives. Management receives an assessment report that describes findings that are procedures or practices that need fixing. These are areas that present opportunities for improvement and commendable practices that merit praise.

The main data gathering technique used during an assessment is interviewing. If you are interviewed as part of an assessment, what should you do? First, remember that the purpose of the interview is to gather data about a process or system and it is not about finding fault with an individual. Be honest in your responses and answer only the question that the assessor asks. Take time to think before answering the question and if something is unclear, ask for clarification. It is OK to say, “I don’t know” or “My manager can answer that.”

For more information on the Fermilab Assessment Program, contact your QAR or the OQBP.

--Edited by John Martzel

Accelerator Update

March 23-25

- No stores due to D16-2 magnet replacement
- Main Injector had a water leak
- Booster, Main Injector and F-Sector accessed

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