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Tuesday, May 31

  • Museum’s Spring into Science career expo a "huge success"
  • LPC scientists help reveal quark gluon plasma properties
  • Photo of the Day: Baby birds await mother's return
  • From The Antarctic Sun, May 27, 2011: Fixed on the future

Friday, May 27

  • Wellness Feature of the Month: June wellness, fitness, pool information, and discounts
  • CMS Result: Tempest in a pinpoint
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - May 23-24
  • From NPR, May 26, 2011: Chu hopes kids will encourage families to go green
  • From TIME, May 25, 2011: The great cosmic-ray sniffer reaches orbit, on the hunt for dark matter

Thursday, May 26

  • TIPP 2011 to discuss new tech breaking physics barriers
  • Result of the Week: Gluon spin
  • Ryan Patterson receives prestigious DOE award
  • In Brief: Civil union partner benefit coverage
  • Correction: Pixel detector initially built for CMS
  • National Science Foundation press release, May 20, 2011: Just four percent of galaxies have neighbors like the Milky Way

Wednesday, May 25

  • Soudan laboratory is clean, safe and back in business
  • From the Technical Division: Challenging magnets
  • Pixel detector to assist beam collimation experiments
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - May 16
  • From ars technica, May 20, 2011: Ars photo tour: the Tevatron particle accelerator at Fermilab

Tuesday, May 24

  • Annual Users' Meeting offers new results, peek into future
  • Director's Corner: Users' Meeting 2011
  • Aran Garcia-Bellido receives prestigious DOE award
  • Fermilab Press Release: National laboratories offer computing time to Japanese physicists in wake of earthquake
  • From CERN: The Bulletin, May 23, 2011: Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider - How are discoveries made?
  • From The New York Times, May 21, 2011: Atom-smasher retires; lab makes career switch

Monday, May 23

  • Fermilab-affiliated researchers receive prestigious DOE award
  • ES&H Tip of the Week— Health: Measles on the rise get a booster
  • Photo of the Day: These go to 11 – new inverse femtobarn record
  • Correction: Short-baseline neutrino workshop
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, May 20, 2011: Representatives supporting “robust and sustained funding” for DOE Office of Science

Friday, May 20

  • Museum outreach event to expose kids to science careers
  • Special Result of the Week: SciBooNE and MiniBooNE inspect the neutrino pie
  • In Memoriam: Lisa Rogers
  • Photo of the Day: Walking for wellness
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 19, 2011: Willard S. Boyle dies at 86; a father of the digital camera
  • From Science Insider, May 19, 2011: Chu calls NSF's decision to abandon DUSEL 'disappointing'

Thursday, May 19

  • Recent results, future plans focus of neutrino workshop
  • Result of the Week: The Tevatron’s top saga
  • Milestone: Death - Patrick Hughes
  • Readers write: Thank you for your support
  • In Brief: Relocation survey
  • From, May 12, 2011: Cosmic rays mapped across the southern sky

Wednesday, May 18

  • The passing of a piece of history
  • Special Announcement: Celebrate Employee Health & Fitness Day
  • Photos of the Day: A tiny peek at spring
  • In Brief: New Physics Advisory Committee members named
  • From Quantum Diaries, May 13, 2011: So you shoot people in the face...

Tuesday, May 17

  • From KEK: DG's Corner: Damage caused by the recent earthquake and recovery prospects
  • Director's Corner: An LHC discussion
  • Video of the Day: Endeavour launch lifts search for dark matter, antimatter to new heights
  • From symmetry breaking, May 13, 2011: New movie with far-fetched “Big Bang” scenario released

Monday, May 16

  • Muon collider challenges will be discussed at conference
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Computer security: How to avoid getting reeled in during phishing season
  • Photo of the Day: New employee - May 9
  • From The Space Review, May 16, 2011: The space station’s billion-dollar physics experiment
  • From @brookhaven TODAY, May 13, 2011: In Memoriam: Maurice Goldhaber, former Brookhaven National Laboratory director

Friday, May 13

  • Gear up for Bike to Work Week May 16 - 20
  • CMS Result: The Higgs boson: one might not be enough
  • Symposium: keeping former experiments' data viable
  • Milestone: Birth: Mason Harris
  • From New Scientist, May 12, 2011: Beware Higgs impostors at the LHC

Thursday, May 12

  • Stay safe when working with electricity
  • Result of the Week: Looking for the W-prime
  • Photo of the Day: First baby bison of the year born at Fermilab
  • From International Business Times, May 12, 2011: 'Superflares' spotted in Crab Nebula by NASA's Fermi

Wednesday, May 11

  • INSPIRE updates a classic
  • From the Accelerator Division: Central Helium Liquefier keeps it cool
  • Photo of the Day: Hawk orders pigeon for dinner
  • From Scientific American, May 6, 2011: WIMP wars: Astronomers and physicists remain skeptical of long-standing dark matter claims
  • From Nature News, May 10, 2011: The collider that cried 'Higgs'

Tuesday, May 10

  • Milestone: Tevatron smashes old luminosity records
  • Director's Corner: CAS 101
  • Special Announcement: DOE 2011 strategic plan release at noon today
  • In Brief— Beware: Pop-up ads could be phishing scams
  • From Daily Reporter, May 9, 2011: Nobel laureate says science investment critical to nation's economy, future
  • From Discovery News, May 9, 2011: Particle physics can help fight cancer

Monday, May 9

  • LHC Physics Center gives Chou's career a boost
  • ES&H Tip of the Week— Safety: Fermilab keeping refrigerants in check
  • Special Announcement: LHC Physics Center launches new website
  • Milestone— Death: Gennady Obrant
  • From, April 27, 2011: Dark matters
  • From ILC Newsline, May 5, 2011: One hundred years of superconductivity

Friday, May 6

  • Honoring public servants
  • From Quantum Diaries, May 5, 2011: Particle detectors don’t like the light
  • From ILC Newsline, May 5, 2011: Impersonating bulk niobium
  • Photo of the Day: Birds of prey
  • From New Scientist,, May 3, 2011: Fleeting antimatter trapped for a quarter of an hour

Thursday, May 5

  • Budget update: Message from Fermilab Director Pier Oddone
  • Result of the Week: Impossible, except...
  • The Project X chopper challenge
  • Special Announcement: Secretary Chu to give public lecture at Fermilab on June 2
  • From symmetry breaking, May 3, 2011: Keep it simple, SUSY
  • From PhysicsCentral Buzz Blog, April 30, 2011: Hinting at dark matter

Wednesday, May 4

  • Pier Oddone elected to National Academy of Sciences
  • From FESS: The importance of maintenance
  • Special Announcement: Physics for Everyone talk on muons - 12:30 p.m. today
  • Photo of the Day: Snake surprise
  • From Quantum Diaries, April 28, 2011: A QuarkNet particle detector sets sail for IceCube

Tuesday, May 3

  • Special Announcement: Plant a tree today in honor of Arbor Day
  • Director's Corner: APS “April Meeting”
  • From Quantum Diaries: Mu2e: A little background (the nasty kind)
  • Special Announcement: Physics for Everyone talk on muons - 12:30 p.m. May 4
  • Special Announcement: Bicycle seminar - noon today
  • From Kane County Chronicle, May 1, 2011: Lagattolla: Applause, enthusiasm for Skilling in Batavia

Monday, May 2

  • First beam to MuCool Test Area
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Safety - Questions key for customers and suppliers
  • Milestone: Tevatron sets new initial luminosity record
  • Special Announcement: Bicycle seminar - Noon May 3
  • From redOrbit, May 2, 2011: Final Endeavour flight stalled again
  • From ILC Newsline, April 28, 2011: A conformal approach to cavity coating
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