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Friday, July 29

  • Fermilab's SiDet Facility aides PHENIX detector upgrade
  • Milestone: IB3 addition plaque ceremony
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: August wellness offerings, pool information, fitness classes and discounts
  • Special Announcement: Siren maintenance - Aug. 1
  • In Brief: New Fermilab email project to reduce spam
  • Special Announcement: Exterior and interior window washing - Aug. 1 to Aug. 19
  • From ILC NewsLine, July 21, 2011: Pushing the limits with high-voltage electron guns

Thursday, July 28

  • SSVSP Update: SSVSP retirees
  • Result of the Week: Massive effort to find Higgs boson
  • Milestone: Mark Leininger, lab problem solver, retires Friday, July 29
  • Photo of the Day: A hawk stops to pose - July 20
  • From Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2011: Fermi closes in on elusive God Particle
  • Accelerator Update: July 27-29

Wednesday, July 27

  • Tevatron experiments close in on Higgs particle
  • From the ES&H Section: ES&H – It’s everywhere!
  • ES&H Health Update: Accelerate to a Healthy Lifestyle Program
  • Photo of the Day: Dark Energy imager complete
  • Video of the Day: Fermilab receives shout-out on The Colbert Report
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, July 26
  • From MSNBC's blog the Cosmic Log, July 25, 2011: Scientists see hope for Higgs hunt

Tuesday, July 26

  • U.S.-India agreement bolsters Project X proposal
  • Director's Corner: Overview of an important week
  • Milestone: The Education Office's Nancy Lanning retires after 22 years
  • In Memoriam: John S. Toll dies at 87; Led Stony Brook University
  • From Nature News, July 23, 2011: Asymmetric quarks defy standard model of physics

Monday, July 25

  • DZero announces top quark asymmetry result, questions theory
  • ES&H Tip of the Week: Myths about suspect or counterfeit items
  • From symmetry breaking: Higgs buzz at summer physics conference
  • Death: John Korienek
  • From, July 22: Higgs cornered in Grenoble

Friday, July 22

  • From symmetry breaking: Wealth of particle physics data yields numerous results for EPS conference
  • CMS Result: Stricter bounds on extra dimensions
  • Fermilab Press Release: Tevatron experiments close in on favored Higgs mass range
  • SSVSP Update: SSVSP final steps
  • Milestone: Former Fermilab Today interns get engaged at RHIC - July 15
  • From the Inquirer Digital Blog, July 21, 2011: U.S. science is going the way of the shuttle

Thursday, July 21

  • Fermilab Press Release: Fermilab experiment discovers a heavy relative of the neutron
  • Result of the Week: The charm of high-statistics data samples
  • From the University of Chicago newsroom, July 19, 2011: Fermilab-University investigators receive $225,000 in collaborative seed grants
  • Special Announcement: Today is an Air Pollution Action Day
  • Photo of the Day: Time-lapsed sky over Tevatron
  • From the Kane County Chronicle, July 21, 2011: Fermilab announces new particle discovery

Wednesday, July 20

  • Special Announcement: Special W&C lecture at 2:30 p.m. today in One West
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: News from the Muon Collider 2011 conference
  • In Brief: Laboratory releases physics advisory committee report
  • Special Announcement: Today is an Air Pollution Action Day
  • From the newsroom of Iowa State University, July 15, 2011: Iowa State physicist to test next-generation neutrino detector for major experiment
  • Safety Update: ES&H weekly report, July 18
  • Special Announcement: July 21 "Third Thursday" lunchtime clean-up postponed
  • From Nature News, July 19, 2011: NASA telescopes face budget abyss

Tuesday, July 19

  • Photo of the Day: Congressman Chaka Fattah visits Fermilab - July 18
  • Director's Corner: One more piece falls into place
  • From Quantum Diaries: Summer conference preview: Is it Bs?
  • From, July 15, 2011: Fermilab history revived in Winnetka

Monday, July 18

  • In Memoriam: Kuni Kondo
  • Mosquitoes pose serious risk
  • From symmetry breaking, July 15, 2011: CERN brings hardware into the open
  • Photo of the Day: Saturday sunset on the water
  • From the American Institute of Physics: FYI: The AIP Bullentin of Science Policy News, July 15, 2011: FY 2012 House funding bill: National Science Foundation

Friday, July 15

  • From ILC Newsline: How to keep cavities blemish-free
  • Special Result of the Week: Rare or medium rare?
  • Photos of the Day: New employees - June 20; New employees - July 5
  • In the News: Galaxy sized twist in time pulls violating particles back into line

Thursday, July 14

  • From symmetry breaking: CDF gets first glimpse of legendary rare decay
  • Result of the Week: A different kind of Higgs boson
  • Photo of the Day: Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss visits Fermilab
  • In Brief: Call for applications: URA Visiting Scholars Program
  • From The Epoch Times, July 12, 2011: Dark energy modeled by supercomputer
  • From American Physical Society's Physics Central Buzz Blog, July 11, 2011: Neutrinos and antineutrinos might "disappear" differently

Wednesday, July 13

  • NAS Press Release: NRC report: Proposed underground experiments address questions of “paramount importance”
  • From the Finance Section: Summer is a busy time
  • Cryomodule Test Facility will help advance SRF technology
  • From the University of California - Riverside newsroom, July 11, 2011: UC Riverside physicists discover new way to produce antimatter-containing atom
  • From Nature's News Blog, July 11, 2011: Committee champions underground science

Tuesday, July 12

  • Tevatron shutdown event Friday, Sept. 30
  • Director's Corner: Various updates
  • From Quantum Diaries: A particle physics private eye takes on the great interaction caper
  • Photo of the Day: It’s electrifying
  • From's Energy Blog, July 11, 2011: Fermi scientists show the split-second decisions of tiny particles add up to a huge difference

Monday, July 11

  • New editor for Fermilab Today
  • The cost of cyber security attacks
  • From Borneo Post Online, July 8, 2011: Physicist enlightens students on particle physics, astrophysics
  • From NPR's news blog The two-way, July 5, 2011: Physicists almost certain the universe is not a hologram

Friday, July 8

  • Fermilab hosts workshop for elementary school teachers
  • CMS Result: One at a time
  • From's Energy blog, July 5, 2011: National Labs open doors to displaced Japanese researchers
  • From Star City blog, June 2, 2011: Science odyssey: Will US concede particle physics to Europe?

Thursday, July 7

  • Better communication, processes top EAG successes
  • Result of the Week: CDF search for new physics using six energy clusters
  • Special Announcement: Accomplishment reports are due Friday
  • Photo of the Day: Resting place with a view
  • From New Scientist, July 5, 2011: Tevatron particles shed light on antimatter mystery

Wednesday, July 6

  • SSVSP deadline Thursday; New Q&As posted
  • From the Computing Sector: IT improvements are on their way
  • From symmetry magazine: Eminently noble
  • From the Chicago Tribune, June 30, 2011: Threatened butterflies leave Chicago nursery for prairie

Tuesday, July 5

  • Butterflies released into Fermilab’s natural areas
  • Photo of the Day: Butterfly-to-be
  • From BBC News, July 1, 2011: Antimatter Tevatron mystery gains ground
  • From Homestake DUSEL and Sanford Laboratory Newsletter, June 2011: Response to the Marx Report

Friday, July 1

  • Korean scientists learn about quality assurance at Fermilab
  • CMS Result: Mapping the Frontier
  • Special Announcement: SSVSP deadlines and updates
  • Photo of the Day: One big happy gaggle of geese
  • From BBC News, June 30, 2011: Dark matter may solve 'radio filaments' mystery
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