Archive: February 2011

Monday, Feb. 28

  • Michael Weis appointed Fermi site manager
  • Big Woods management means deer and more
  • Physics for Everyone: The Intensity Frontier March 2
  • From Scientific American, Feb. 25, 2011: House budget cuts could end U.S. science leadership

Friday, Feb. 25

  • Blizzard shows spirit of accelerator, detector crews
  • CMS Result: First supersymmetry results from the LHC
  • From Chicago Tribune, Feb. 25, 2011: Science budget cuts threaten high-tech jobs, future frontiers
  • Video of the Day: Spotlight on CERN
  • From Science, Feb. 25, 2011: House cuts to DOE national labs would also hamstring industry

Thursday, Feb. 24

  • Photo of the Day: Congressman Randy Hultgren visits Fermilab
  • Result of the Week: Subverting the subatomic telephone game
  • From symmetry breaking: Double Chooz neutrino experiment starts operations
  • From Geneva Republican, Feb. 22, 2011: Batavia mayor ready to fight for Fermilab
  • From Batavia Patch, Feb. 22, 2011: Hultgren says Fermilab cuts go too deep

Wednesday, Feb. 23

  • Itís time for Windows 7
  • From the Accelerator Division: The future of Fermilab
  • From Science, Feb. 11, 2011: Rescue of old data offers lesson for particle physicists Fermilab, Argonne
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Feb. 22, 2011: Hultgren speaks on Fermilab, health care

Tuesday, Feb. 22

  • Jonckheere a jack-of-all-trades
  • Director's Corner: EDIT
  • From Symmetry: In a birder's paradise
  • From Geneva Patch, Feb. 20, 2011: Dick Durbin critical of proposed funding cuts affecting Fermilab, Argonne
  • From Scientific American, Feb. 21, 2011: Budget crunch could prematurely shutter Tevatron

Monday, Feb. 21

  • School takes hands-on approach to particle detectors
  • Watch for suspect and counterfeit items
  • From Live Science, Feb. 17, 2011: World's largest atom smasher to awaken after winter snooz

Friday, Feb. 18

  • Heroes lend a hand in historic blizzard
  • Fitness classes, wellness offerings, employee club and discount information for March
  • From Rapid City Journal, Feb. 17, 2011: Lab sees light in funding tunnel

Thursday, Feb. 17

  • Learn more about Fermilab's future on new site
  • Result of the Week: Measuring the heaviest mass from the lightest fragments
  • Fermilab offers Family Open House on Sunday, Feb. 27
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Feb. 15, 2011: Getting in touch with nature

Wednesday, Feb. 16

  • All-hands talk available online
  • Scientific journal access at Fermilab
  • Lobbying and letter writing
  • Fermilab hosts CMS Data Analysis School
  • From Crain's Chicago Business, Feb. 15, 2011: Fermi facing 'catastrophic' funding cutback, director says

Tuesday, Feb. 15

  • Special Announcement: All-hands talk at 11 a.m. today
  • Director's Corner: Budgets
  • Construction season begins early at Fermilab
  • From Science Insider, Feb. 14, 2011: Energy science: Obama's darling, Congress's target

Monday, Feb. 14

  • Special Announcement: All-hands talk at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 15
  • Think about your heart all year, not just today
  • Kramper takes helping others to new setting
  • From Quantum Diaries, Feb. 7, 2011: Taking Pictures of the Sky with LSST

Friday, Feb. 11

  • Fermilab photography exhibit artist reception 5-7 p.m. today
  • CMS Result of the Month: CMS joins the hunt for leptoquarks
  • Marcela Carena wins Humboldt award
  • Photo of the Day: Firetrucks circle Tevatron's main ring
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, Feb. 10, 2011: House republicans propose new FY2011 S&T budgets

Thursday, Feb. 10

  • Merle Olson, design coordinator, retires
  • Result of the Week: Sand fairies redux
  • Photo of the Day: Korean scientific dignitaries visit Fermilab
  • From iSGTW, Feb. 9, 2011: Computing to advance new cancer treatment
  • From Discovery News, Feb. 6, 2011: Could the Higgs be hiding in graphene?

Wednesday, Feb. 9

  • "Through the Lens" exhibit to showcase the art of physics
  • Non-scientific upgrades
  • From APS Physics, February, 2011: Kovar reflects on state of high energy physics, and the road ahead

Tuesday, Feb. 8

  • Bill Bardeen, renowned quantum field theorist, retires
  • Director's Corner: Shared vision
  • Dark Energy Camera on WTTW tonight at 7 p.m.
  • From the Washington Post, Feb. 7, 2011: IceCube opens up a window on energy in the universe
  • From Trib Local, Feb. 5, 2011: Students learn the wonders of science at Fermilab

Monday, Feb. 7

  • From symmetry breaking: Particle physicist lends skills to planet hunt
  • The right stuff in dealing with the white stuff
  • From APS Physics, February, 2011: Kovar reflects on state of high energy physics, and the road ahead

Friday, Feb. 4

  • Adventurous Ben Lee fellow to give talk today
  • Fermilab data center receives EPA Energy Star award
  • Photos of the Day: French Consul General visits Fermilab
  • From Berkeley Lab News, Feb. 1, 2011: BigBOSS receives favorable review from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Thursday, Feb. 3

  • From the Directorate: A heroic effort
  • Result of the Week: Looking for the unexpected
  • Timecards and laboratory closure Wednesday
  • Photos of the Day: Digging out
  • From, Feb. 1, 2011: Cluster encounters a natural particle accelerator

Wednesday, Feb. 2

  • Special Announcement: Severe winter weather update

Tuesday, Feb. 1

  • Special Announcement: Winter weather warning
  • Director's Corner: FALC
  • Press Release: CERN announces LHC to run in 2012
  • UEC offers tax presentation at 12:30 p.m. today
  • From Technology Review, Jan. 27, 2011: Black holes not affected by dark matter, say astrophysicists
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