Fermilab Today Thursday, July 28, 2011
SSVSP Update

SSVSP Retirees

As announced in the July 22 issue of Fermilab Today, 44 individuals were accepted into the self-select voluntary separation program (SSVSP) of the 62 who originally applied and did not withdraw their applications. There is no word yet on what the laboratory's next steps will be. Laboratory management is working with DOE on this topic.

Most of the individuals accepted into the program plan to retire. To ensure that you don't miss wishing your colleagues the best of luck with the next phase of their lives, here is a list that includes most of individuals who will be separated from the laboratory as part of the SSVSP and their retirement dates.

Accelerator Division Retirement Date
Barrett Fritz 8/8/11
David McGinnis 8/8/11
Jagir Reehal 8/12/11
Mary Sutherland 8/31/11
Robert Goodwin 10/3/11
Duane Voy 10/7/11
Bob Webber 10/7/11
Albert Legan 10/7/11
Sharon Lackey 10/7/11
John Crawford 10/7/11
James Lackey 10/7/11
Dale Simpson 10/7/11
Stephen Harcharick 10/7/11
Paul Kurylo 10/7/11
Zubao Qian 10/7/11
John Urban 10/7/11
Business Services Section  
Nancy Penson 8/12/11
Ronnie Cypret 10/7/11
Ann Arnold 10/7/11
Computer Division  
David Ritchie 10/7/11
Gerald Bellendir 10/7/11
John Grant 10/7/11
Vernon Cupps 10/7/11
Billy Arnold 10/7/11
Jose Trevino 9/1/11
Carl Holmgren 10/7/11
Carl Lindenmeyer 9/9/11
Penelope Kasper 9/30/11
Charles Serritella 10/5/11
Patricia Poll 10/6/11
Carol Picciolo 10/7/11
Henry Fisk 10/7/11
Keith Schuh 10/7/11
John Krider 10/7/11
Wayne Waldon 10/7/11
Technical Division  
Harry Carter 8/8/11
Mark Steinke 9/16/11
Chander Sood 10/7/11
Gerald Green 10/7/11
Daniel Smith 10/7/11
Frank Rucinski 10/7/11
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