Fermilab Today Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011
In Brief

Flexible Spending Account Card Error

Fermilab employees might have received Flexible Spending Account Cards in the mail from CIGNA. CIGNA issued VISA cards in error. CIGNA is not Fermilab's FSA provider for 2011. Do not activate these cards.

If you did receive a card or cards, please shred or destroy them. If you have already activated a card, please contact a member of the Benefits Department staff, listed below.

You should have already received or will soon receive the correct card to use for your 2011 FSA account from PayFlex, Fermilab's FSA provider for 2011. The correct card is a MasterCard. PayFlex sent only one card. PayFlex FSA subscribers may request additional cards for family members by calling 1-800-284-4885.

Please contact a member of the Benefits Department staff with any questions.

Trupti Patel tpatel@fnal.gov Extension 4362
Ann Marie Matthei amatthei@fnal.gov Extension 3395
Mary Todd mtodd@fnal.gov Extension 4361
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