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Wednesday, March 31
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  • India-Fermilab SRF cavity passes first test
  • From FESS: New environmental efforts
  • From National Geographic, March 30, 2010: Large Hadron Collider smashes protons, sets record
  • From Vanity Fair, March 30, 2010: Ask a nuclear physicist: What exactly did the L.H.C. do today?

Tuesday, March 30
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  • Physics begins at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Director's Corner: Kudos!
  • Photo of the Day: LHC achieves and celebrates record 7 TeV collisions
  • From the American Museum of Natural History, March 24, 2010: New Astrobulletin feature investigates dark mystery

Monday, March 29
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  • Technical Division lessens paper waste
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Safety: Be prepared for severe weather
  • From Achenblog, a Washington Post blog, March 19, 2010: Time to smash things up

Friday, March 26
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  • New leaders named for dark energy experiment
  • Recreation Feature of the Month: Classes, events and discounts for April
  • Reminder: lights out for Earth Hour this Saturday
  • From Nature News, March 24, 2010: Physics: The Large Human Collider

Thursday, March 25
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  • High rise lights go out for Earth Hour
  • Result of the Week: Studying the heaviest quark using the lightest leptons
  • Service awards
  • From Vancouver Sun, March 24, 2010: In search of an elusive particle
  • From Chicago Tribune, March 24, 2010: Fermilab gives new challenges a whirl

Wednesday, March 24
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  • Fermilab's newest lab helps to prevent pain, injury
  • From the Finance Section A taxing subject
  • ES&H weekly report, March 22
  • From Science Insider, March 24, 2010: New report explains 'Why So Few' women in science
  • From, March 23, 2010: How black holes gobble dark matter

Tuesday, March 23
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  • MINERvA caps detector with final module
  • Director's Corner: Visiting committee
  • CERN press release: CERN sets date for first attempt at 7 TeV collisions in the LHC
  • Photo of the Day: Spring weather wakes local butterfly population
  • From iSGTW: OSG All Hands meeting

Monday, March 22
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  • Tevatron sets new initial luminosity record
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Computer Security: Don’t share your home wireless
  • CERN press release: LHC sets new record – accelerates beam to 3.5 TeV
  • Employee Advisory Group meetings begin this week
  • From Science (subscription required), March 19, 2010: Budget shortfall could derail plans for underground lab

Friday, March 19
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  • Special Result of the Week: Neutrinos: Heralds of the stars
  • ARRA funds construction for industrial building addition
  • Photo of the Day: Lone swan among geese
  • Learn about enhancements to your retirement plans
  • Ask HR - 15th floor comes to AD on Monday
  • From symmetry breaking: CMS event display — decoded!

Thursday, March 18
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  • Fermilab honored to host SOI pixel workshop
  • Result of the Week: Finding b quarks
  • Fermilab's Tingjun Yang wins APS dissertation award
  • From Nature News, March 17, 2010: Hunt for the sterile neutrino heats up

Wednesday, March 17
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  • ArgoNeuT detector, collaborators resurface
  • From the CMS Center: CMS comes on strong
  • In Brief: SciTech Night at the Museum
  • From NPR, March 16, 2010: One universe too many? String theories, the multiverse and the future of physics.

Tuesday, March 16
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  • Traffic safety Q&A
  • Director's Corner: HEPAP
  • Photo of the Day: MINERvA completes construction
  • Atom and Eve: Fermilab’s First International Women’s Day
  • From Beacon News, March 15, 2010: Progress, but long way to go for women in science
  • From Associated Content, March 15, 2010: Physics lab in underground mine in northern Minnesota studying neutrinos

Monday, March 15
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  • In Memoriam: Jim Sanford
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Environment: Why coyotes are your friends
  • Photo of the Day: Light up the night
  • EAP offers March Webinars
  • From Beacon News, March 14, 2010: Without science, our minds would be filled with potholes

Friday, March 12
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  • CMS Result of the Month: The strangest thing we’ve ever seen
  • Recovery Act Feature: Wilson Hall to receive new emergency generator
  • From INFN, March 11, 2010: A first look at the Earth interior from the Gran Sasso underground laboratory

Thursday, March 11
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  • AD keeps records coming
  • Result of the Week: CDF masters another Higgs background
  • Service Desk announcements in 140 characters
  • Photo of the Day: New employees – March 1
  • From Nature News,, March 10, 2010: Einstein passes cosmic test

Wednesday, March 10
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  • Director chooses Vicky White to head computing
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: Virtual accelerators
  • Take time out for art today - twice - at lecture, reception
  • Safety Update
  • Special Announcement: Build and fly a delta dart tonight at Kuhn Barn

Tuesday, March 9
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  • Computing update
  • Director's Corner: International Women’s Day
  • Gender, race and science education talk here today
  • Photos of the Day: Fermilab celebrates International Women's Day
  • Public lecture opportunity: The LHC – At Discovery’s Horizon
  • From Discovery News, March 6, 2010: Come feel the noise

Monday, March 8
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  • What do women (at Fermilab) really want?
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: Three days out and you’re in - the doctor’s office
  • In Memoriam: Steve Gordon
  • From symmetry breaking, March 8, 2010: Honoring women in particle physics
  • Gender, race and science education talk at Fermilab Tuesday

Friday, March 5
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  • Milestones
  • Teens master particle physics from afar
  • From symmetry breaking: Deep underground science: new issue of symmetry online
  • Recovery Act Feature: NOvA detector to sit under uniquely protective roof
  • From Science News, Feb. 26, 2010: Hogan’s noise

Thursday, March 4
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  • Computing update
  • Result of the Week: Why is it so hard to find the Higgs boson?
  • From symmetry breaking: Deep underground science: new issue of symmetry online
  • Photo of the Day: New employees - Feb. 1
  • Physicists: Sign up for the Adopt-a-Physicist program
  • From the Daily Herald, March 3, 2010: Fermilab says it will still be relevant, even as LHC begins work
  • From Medill Reports, March 3, 2010: Fermilab continues to search for the building blocks of the universe

Wednesday, March 3
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  • Contractor to implement energy conservation measures at Fermilab
  • From the ES&H Section: ES&H updates
  • Beware of the aggressive geese, its nesting time
  • Reminder: Limited dialing tonight
  • From Science News, March 1, 2010: For kids: The hottest soup in New York

Tuesday, March 2
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  • Top quark turns 15 today
  • Tornado drill at 10 a.m. today for Wilson Hall
  • Improving traffic safety: no on-site cell phone use while driving, online safety training
  • Director's Corner: ICFA and ILCSC
  • From the Geneva Sun, Feb. 28, 2010: The federal stimulus package: 1 year later
  • From the Associated Press, Feb. 28, 2010: Atom smasher restarts to prepare for new science

Monday, March 1
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  • Fermilab celebrates Women's History Month in March
  • Rick Cavanaugh named new LPC co-coordinator
  • Immigration information law session at noon today
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Environment: Looking out for wildlife
  • After-hours phone service outage 1-2 a.m. on March 4
  • From symmetry breaking: Physics is a hoot when it’s a tweet
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