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Friday, February 26
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  • Computing update
  • Recovery Act funds young U. of Colorado, LBNE physicist
  • Recreation Feature of the Month: Classes, events and discounts for March
  • From, Feb. 24, 2010: The first T2K neutrino event observed at Super-Kamiokande

Thursday, February 25
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  • Administrative employees event at 1:30 p.m. today
  • Result of the Week: Secrets of spinning tops
  • From symmetry breaking: Fermilab’s CDF, DZero cite banner year at the Tevatron
  • From Beacon News, Feb. 24, 2010: Kids have a blast learning science at Fermilab event
  • Fermilab Open House 2010 video highlights

Wednesday, February 24
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  • Engineers key to laboratory's continuing success
  • From the Particle Physics Division: The Higgs under siege
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab Open House provides family fun for all
  • Take the ICFA detector and instrumentation survey
  • From Nature News, Feb. 23, 2010: Did design flaws doom the LHC?

Tuesday, February 23
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  • CD investigating outage, running at reduced power
  • Director's Corner: Yearly budget review
  • Photo of the Day: New employees
  • Photo of the Day: Stealthy by air
  • From Rapid City Journal, Feb. 22, 2010: Funding snag could shut down Sanford lab, backers say

Monday, February 22
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  • Fermilab celebrates Women’s History Month
  • Sharing silicon know-how with Chinese partners
  • This week at the LHC: Preparing for the first protons of 2010
  • Get the inside scoop on product recalls

Friday, Feb. 19
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  • Fermilab Special Result of the Week: SciBooNE searches for neutral pions
  • Recovery Act Feature: DOE supports bold move by young physicist
  • Special Announcement: Computing update
  • From, Feb. 17, 2010: The secret lives of particle accelerators

Thursday, Feb. 18
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  • Learn how to use art to further your research
  • New NOvA building pops up almost overnight
  • Special Announcement: Documentary film tells tale of telescope trouble and triumph
  • From symmetry breaking: Extreme jets take new shape
  • From, Feb. 17, 2010: IceCube’s Antarctic season ends with success

Wednesday, Feb. 17
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  • E-mail, Internet access outage update
  • From the Center for Particle Astrophysics: Fermilab’s “Wimpstitute”
  • Fermilab altering computer procurement procedures
  • Reminder: Limited dialing tonight
  • From Science, Feb. 12, 2010: Particle physics: New delay of Large Hadron Collider might not keep its rival on the job

Tuesday, Feb. 16
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  • Fermilab physicists honored for uniting fields of physics and cosmology
  • Director's Corner: National Engineers Week
  • New E-Verify rule may mean staff will contact you
  • From symmetry breaking: Do particle theorists have a blind spot?
  • From Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 12, 2010: Developing minds

Monday, Feb. 15
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  • At the LHC, one island down, billions to go
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Cyber security: Phishers capitalizing on Toyota recall
  • Want to learn more about physics? Ask a scientist
  • Special Announcement: After-hours phone service outage 1-2 a.m. on Feb. 18

Friday, Feb. 12
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  • Fermilab ecologists take to skies for annual deer count
  • Recovery Act Feature: Drilling for neutrinos
  • CMS Result of the Month: Jets at CMS: First high-energy collisions
  • Administrative employees event Feb. 25
  • FTL, Oracle and ProCard systems down this weekend

Thursday, Feb. 11
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  • Fermilab kicks off lab's Engineers Week 2010
  • From symmetry: Preserving the data harvest
  • Result of the Week: Seeing clearly with photons
  • URA submissions for annual Thesis Award due March 1
  • Photo of the Day: Fun in the snow
  • From BBC News, Feb. 9, 2010: First results from Large Hadron Collider published

Wednesday, Feb. 10
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  • E-mail, Internet server outage explanation
  • Northern Illinois quake rattles homes, Fermilab equipment
  • Lectures on hadron collider physics begin today
  • Photo of the Day: US CMS contest predicts first high-energy collisions at CMS
  • URA Visiting Scholars applications due Feb. 19
  • From The University of Chicago, Feb. 8, 2010: Scientists explore the future of high-energy physics

Tuesday, Feb. 9
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  • From symmetry breaking; New MINOS results “strongly disfavor” sterile neutrino, neutrino decay
  • Director's Corner: The issues of the week
  • Lectures on hadron collider physics begin today
  • Photo of the Day: Congratulations to our new citizens
  • CIGNA dental plan participants: delay in dependent enrollment
  • From Scientific American, Feb. 8, 2010: CERN gears up its computers for more atom smashing

Monday, Feb. 8
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  • FRA receives Earned Value Management System certification
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: Resistance exercise yields many benefits
  • Photo of the Day: LBNE collaboration meeting
  • EAP offers February Webinars
  • From COSMOS, Feb. 4, 2010: World's helium supply running low
  • From symmetry breaking: CERN’s new LHC plan: Two years at 3.5 TeV

Friday, Feb. 5
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  • Celebrate Engineers Week 2010 from Feb. 10-19
  • ARRA funds grant to young physicist for LBNE research
  • Result of the Week: Using top quarks to search for Higgs bosons
  • From AIP FYI, Feb. 3, 2010: FY 2011 Department of Energy Office of Science request
  • From AIP FYI, Feb. 4, 2010: FY 2011 National Science Foundation request

Thursday, Feb. 4
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  • After almost four decades, John Foglesong says farewell
  • Underground with Aria Meyhoefer
  • Result of the Week: Using top quarks to search for Higgs bosons
  • From Science Insider, Feb. 2, 2010: Europe's LHC to run at half-energy, tightening race for Higgs
  • From Science News, Feb. 2, 2010: Ancient dawn's early light refines age of universe

Wednesday, Feb. 3
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  • Fermilab aids the fight against little green foe
  • Taking stock of government property
  • Celebrate Black History Month with Muntu Dance Theater
  • ES&H weekly report, Feb. 2
  • From ScienceInsider, Feb. 1, 2010: Energy science gets a boost, but no joy for ITER

Tuesday, Feb. 2
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  • Discover physics fun at Fermilab's Open House
  • Director's Corner: Visit to India: Part II
  • Service Desk survey
  • Photo of the Day: Linux magazine highlights Fermilab's GCC
  • From Attack of the Show, Jan. 28, 2010: Top notch camera tech
  • From MSNBC, Jan. 29, 2010: Supercomputer shares universe simulations

Monday, Feb. 1
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  • Photos of the Day: Celebration! MINERvA construction comes to an end
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Environment: Happy 40th anniversary, NEPA
  • Reset local account passwords
  • From Cosmic Variance, Jan. 29, 2010: Decision for the LHC: 1 inverse fb at 7 TeV or bust!
  • From Northern Life, Jan. 29, 2010: SNOLAB researchers 'thrilled' with $9 million funding
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